Americans Would Rather Do Taxes Than Shop For Swimsuits


Memorial Day weekend unofficially ushers in the beginning of summer. We’re upon the season of barbeques, weddings, graduation parties, camping trips, vacations….and swimsuits.

The news headlines themselves depict the overwhelming feeling women (and men) feel as we face weekends at the beach or afternoons by the pool:

10 Easy Ways to Make Swimsuit Season Less Scary

How to Lose 15 pounds by Swimsuit Season

“Get a Bikini Body by Swimsuit Season”

A study released in April by Anytime Fitness found that more than 70 percent of Americans would rather go to the dentist, do their taxes, sit in the middle aisle of an airplane or visit their in-laws than go shopping for a swimsuit. The statistics applied to both men and women, although the survey found that nearly 60 percent of women, compared to 46 percent of men, say they feel they’re not prepared for swimsuit season.

The New York Times this week explored this quandary, especially in relation to the bikini – a fashion item that has been both beloved and hated by women since the 1960s. In the article, Malia Mills, a swimsuit designer whose brand’s motto is “Love Thy Differences,” describes the type of woman who does not let her shape or fears of criticism stop her from lounging in a two-piece swimsuit during the summer.

“She is a phenomenon and totally inspiring,” she said. “She is of any age, any body, she has a totally great attitude, because she has had a come-to-Jesus moment with her body.”

A come-to-Jesus moment is right. Whether you will be wearing a two-piece, tankini, one-piece or floral sarong this summer, remember our bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit, worthy of respect and honor, and something to be proud of.


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