Hot Lattes & Open Hearts: The Case For Face-To-Face Time


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My college Bible study would sometimes meet at a campus coffee place. I had a favorite coffee shop where I would study in college and a go-to stop on my way to grad school, where many of my fellow students would also come to get their favorite beverages.

Coffee places foster an inviting atmosphere for a reason. They want you to spend time there, whether it’s working at your laptop or chatting with friends.

That’s because enjoying a good cup of coffee (in my case, caramel macchiatos or peppermint mochas) and good conversation means something. Taking time to spend time with people is important in general … and for dating, in particular.

Real conversations foster true companionship and friendship. For me, coffee is a venue for that. I talk to my family over coffee. I meet friends for coffee. Colleagues and I share a mutual affection for coffee.

Maybe coffee gathers us together, but it’s the conversations that we have over hot beverages that matter. You get to know people when you take the time to communicate in person.

Social networking is helpful, but we can’t rely on it all the time. Facebook might tell you what people “like” and what they’ve been up to lately via status updates and picture uploads. You can even tell what their favorite saint quotes are or that they remembered it was a Church feast day recently.

But it’s real conversations that delve into the heart of a person, which is where true relationships – romantic and otherwise – begin. Online daters know this, deep down, but it can be a useful reminder.

We talk to God in prayer and gather together for Mass for a reason. People need community. I reflected on this in a blog post for the National Catholic Register.

So the next time you head to Starbucks, invite someone – even that special someone – for some coffee and conversation.



Editor’s note

We’re grateful so many CatholicMatch members take the initiative to plan and execute CatholicMatch events, a wonderful opportunity for face-to-face, heart-to-heart bonding. We hope the San Antonio gathering this past weekend was a hit!


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