Liriano’s No-Hitter: There’s Always a Turning Point


It’s been a difficult season to be a Minnesota Twins fan. With the worst record in all of Major League Baseball, the reigning American League Central Division champs are looking more like a young farm league team than the competent, scrappy team of “piranhas” from years past.

All-Star catcher Joe Mauer may have a new multi-million dollar contract, but his contributions to the team this season have been minimal due to injury. Power-hitting first-basemen Justin Morneau is attempting to regain his consistency after a mid-season concussion in 2010, and the entire relief pitching staff has been struggling.

But last night, starting pitcher Francisco Liriano pitched a gem of a game – the first no hitter for a Twins pitcher since 1999 – against the Chicago White Sox at U.S. Cellular Field. Liriano’s raw talent and moments of dominance have kept him in the rotation for years, but each loss and breakdown had the team questioning his place on the squad.

Until now.

After the final out was recorded last night, the team rushed the field in the cold Chicago air, and they celebrated a moment that could very well represent a turning point in a less-than admirable season.

If the Twins can display a stellar pitching performance like last night, I, too, have hope for renewal and change.

Even in the most difficult of times, there exists a turning point, a moment of inspiration that marks a fresh start and the possibility for change. Perhaps joining CatholicMatch was your turning point or maybe it was a new job or a big move. God’s grace grants us the opportunity to acknowledge our failures, our unmet dreams, and our hopes for the future, and He promises to provide us with everything we need to achieve that and more.

As for my Twins, there are still five more months of baseball yet to be played. It may be time for a new team (will the Cleveland Indians continue their streak?) to forge an exciting post-season run, but I haven’t given up yet. Liriano’s no-hitter may be the start of something great, and the lights of Target Field continue to shine, reminding me of the many turning points that may lie ahead.



  1. Mir A. July 29, 2013 Reply

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  2. Nicole-549147 May 6, 2011 Reply

    I was praying the entire 9th inning. Then I almost cried…probably the most memorable game I’ve ever seen. I’m hopeful that this will be a turning point in the season.

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