Want Attention? Wear Red, Be Popular, Change Your Name


Okay, probably don’t go as far as changing your name to get a date. But according to scientists, men with names with vowel sounds made at the front of the mouth (e.g. Tim, Ben) rate more attractive than those with rounder sounds (e.g. Tom).

It’s the opposite for girls, so, as The Daily Mail notes, a Holly is perceived as more attractive than a Jess.

The British daily compiled the results of recent scientific studies on attractiveness. (Or not-so-recent — MIT announced its pleasing-sounding-name research in 2004.)

The Daily Mail’s list?


  • Guys and gals in red are perceived as more attractive.
  • Women are more attracted to guys who appear “taken.”
  • Women appear more attractive to guys when surrounded with other women, but not other guys.
  • Humor is good, cheesiness is not.

The overall advice? “Make yourself seem as popular as possible.”

Thank you, science, but this is nothing new, of course. Hasn’t everyone wanted to hang with popular people since grade school? Would we expect that to change when looking for a mate?

Of course, the gimmick here is that it’s all about making that first impression and nothing about keeping one’s interest. Trust me, that red sweater is going to have to go to the cleaners at some point.

So, what keeps the intrigue after the contact’s been made? I put that question to you, CatholicMatchers. What qualities are you looking for that will keep you in a relationship, rather than leaving when those superficial first attractors fade?



  1. America-312924 May 22, 2011 Reply

    Well at least I have ONE advantage :)). Now if I could just get a hold of those red shoes! ….LOL…maybe …just maybe the men would like me then 😀

  2. Eric-462361 May 18, 2011 Reply

    So THAT’S why everybody likes Santa Claus…

  3. Lynn-189934 May 13, 2011 Reply

    This seems to have truth, but I will say I’m more attracted to girls who wear any favorite color of mine that’s flattering to them. I will say that it appears more women are interested in me when attractive women are showing attention to me, or post photos on Facebook, or post items about having fun doing an activity with me, even if it is friendly dates instead of serious.

    Ladies night out, the women seem to have the interest of their husbands and boyfriends if the men join later, much more so than if the couple goes out together. . . . Maybe I should wear red AND have a pretty lady (even if a friend) meet me when I’m going out. . .

  4. Alicia-481430 May 12, 2011 Reply

    Honest, sweet, sincere, trustworthy, loyal, faithful.. just to name a few..

  5. Cat S. May 12, 2011 Reply

    Oh Maria, please tell me those are your red high heels in the accompanying photograph. I’m wearing red today. Hmmm, things are looking up.

  6. Elizabeth-613813 May 12, 2011 Reply

    I like your style, Maria.

    Those “sciencey” tips, as you say, only address the initial intrigue. I know this sounds like “the” answer CM is looking for, but it’s ESSENTIAL that the other person makes you grow closer to God. If you can see their influence on your faith life (in a positive way) within the first few interactions, that’s a great sign. When you see negative influences, get the heck outta there!

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