Wedding Season Begins & Single Catholics Fly Solo, Unfazed


Tomorrow I’ll be attending my first wedding of 2011, beginning a series of weepy toasts and bouquet tosses.

How do you feel about the wedding invitation that hit your mailbox this spring?

Last year we polled single Catholics on, asking how they felt about wedding season. More than 3,100 people responded. The results:

  • 19 percent expressed negative feelings
  • 30 percent expressed positive feelings
  • 51 percent said they were unfazed

Women were more likely to express dread about upcoming weddings, especially those in the 26- to 35-year-old range. (Those who are 51 and up were least likely to voice dread.) The poll generated 133 comments.

We also asked members who their “plus one” would be at the weddings they were attending. The majority – 70 percent – said they were flying solo. (Here’s to independence!) The second most common response, with 14 percent, was bringing a friend. Only 11 percent said they were bringing a date.

Broken down by gender, our male members seemed to approach wedding season with more romantic ambition. They were more likely to bring a date and more likely to fly solo, while our female members were more likely to bring a friend or relative.

What will you be doing? And how do you feel about the next wedding you’ll attend?




  1. Marita-847688 June 10, 2012 Reply

    Is he talking about a formal?

  2. Ademola-726816 May 30, 2011 Reply

    I love weddings! I love wedding cake! I usually go alone and am not bothered if I don’t bring someone. I asked a friend to a wedding once and it was just awkward…He was on his phone most of the time and I picked him because he was a really good dancer! I got to weddings to dance, mingle and to wish the couple well…and of course someone there is ALWAYS introducing me to one of the groomsmen! Embrace weddings people! They are a venue to meet people!!! I like Jim’s idea for a CM Singles event…no Bride, no Groom…let’s do this!!! I would sooo put that on…

  3. Denise-687929 May 27, 2011 Reply

    I have two weddings to attend this year. One wedding is in Poland and the second wedding is in downtown Chicago. I will be posting the wedding pictures in my scrapbook during the summer/fall.

  4. Kevin-308802 May 27, 2011 Reply

    I have received one invitation but I can’t attend due to work… too bad was looking forward to it. Strange though I usually hate going alone to weddings… I wonder why I wanted to go this time around by myself.

  5. Monica-681582 May 25, 2011 Reply

    I have been to 2 weddings, of which I wasn’t allowed to bring a date. Let’s just say it wasn’t a positive experience and there weren’t any eligible/singles available, especially since they had “couples” dances, which left people like me off the floor and in the spectator mode. I almost feel they rub your singleness in your face at such events and I won’t attend ones in future that do not allow me bring a date.

  6. Maria-689654 May 25, 2011 Reply

    I absolutely love weddings in real life and in movies! But I have attended very few weddings in my life including mine most of them were my family. I can count 8 in my life and I am 56 yrs. old. It is a celebration of life and it is one of the sacraments. Solo never bothered me…I enjoy hanging out with the single men around.

  7. Jim-397948 May 24, 2011 Reply

    This would be a great theme for a CM SIngles Party…No Bride…No Groom…Just show Up!!!!

  8. Ryan-8443 May 23, 2011 Reply

    Hmm … I have probably been to about three wedding in my whole life, so the whole topic never crossed my mind. I have been to more ordinations than weddings, actually! Is there really a “wedding season?”

  9. Kathleen-311531 May 21, 2011 Reply

    Haven’t yet received any wedding invites but am anticipating one later in the year for a friend. We have many mutual friends so I plan to go alone and meet up with friends there. If I was dating someone and was able to bring them I would do so provided they felt comfortable with all the hoopla!
    I have attended many weddings “alone” that is without a date but met up with friends or family at the weddings. Always have had a good time. I LOVE to dance so there is always the occasion to dance the night away at a reception! .

  10. Dawn-58330 May 21, 2011 Reply

    I find that I am very joyful these past few years to be attending weddings. Most of them have been, and will be, CatholicMatch weddings. (They are happening all the time!) Sometimes I can get caught up in “When is it my turn?” But then I see the wonderful display of love and I know that God is just really present in all of it. How can I not be happy about that??

    I don’t worry about who I will take to a wedding. I usually go alone. If I were dating someone, I would ask him to attend with me. I’m not much into “pretend dates.”

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