Wlodek & Iliana’s Faith Gave Them New Life Together


St. Michael's was Iliana's patron and guide on her way to Wlodek

Wlodek and Iliana arrived in the Pacific Northwest from different paths. She is originally from Honduras, came to America thirteen years ago and at age 50 was settled down in Seattle. Wlodek, age 57 holds a graduate degree from Brown University and is a computer tech. What they have in common is a deep love for the Catholic Church. Iliana has visited a Catholic church at least once a week her entire life, going back to her time in Honduras, with devotions to St. Jude and St. Michael the Archangel, among others. Wlodek takes his Catholicism very seriously, and it’s given him an optimistic outlook on life, along with love for travel, movies, books and art. Their first contact on CatholicMatch came when Iliana sent an emotigram. Wlodek took the time read through her profile and after learning of her country of origin, he sent her an emotigram.

Given their proximity to each other in the Seattle area, they only waited a week before getting together in person. They realized how much they had in common and they are both convinced that their common bond in the Catholic faith accentuated and deepened their common interests.

Wlodek and Iliana have each been through the dissolution of their first marriages, and with their children grown, are ready to start a new life together. After dating three months, they became engaged, and plan on getting married in September of this year. Both are at a point in their lives where they know what they want and they’ve found it in each other.


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  1. Elizabeth-613813 May 12, 2011 Reply

    It’s important to hear stories like these! They connected on faith and with their past experiences and through God’s grace, I’m sure they will live a happy life together!

    It’s also nice to point out that they only waited a week to meet…. I think that’s a great plan. Too often on CM, I was talking to someone for weeks at a time before meeting. Over those weeks I was building an idea in my head of who this person was. I think it’s best to meet who they really are pretty soon in the ‘talking’ stage.

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