12 Years Of Blessings: Happy Birthday, CatholicMatch!


It’s hard to believe that 12 years ago today roommates Brian Barcaro and Jason LaFosse launched CatholicMatch.com.

Back then it was called StRaphael.net and it acquired the nickname SRN among members. Brian and Jason operated the site in their apartment and, soon joined by Mike Lloyd, they watched in amazement as the site developed into a thriving international community.

Today we pause and celebrate 12 blessed years. To do that, we’ve invited our members to express their birthday wishes and appreciation for this community, finishing the statement, “I love CatholicMatch because…”

Brian, Jason and Mike – this one’s for you!


* * *


“I love CatholicMatch because my Lord has shown me His great love through the many people from this site. I have friends across the globe who have prayed for me no matter what I needed – from the death of my dearest dad to the recent brain surgery I went through. Lives change here. Mine is richer and holier for it. Thank you so much, CM!”  RoseMarie-41488


“I love CatholicMatch because it has given me the very best friends and the very best experiences, beyond anything I could ever have imagined.” Donna-83441


“I love Catholic Match because it has given me hope. It’s not easy to find people to date who also share my Catholic faith, and CatholicMatch provides that opportunity. It also gives me a chance to reach outside of myself to pray for others and to share insight and humor. There’s fun to be had in the forums!” Sherry-118409


“I love CatholicMatch because of the wonderful community of faithful, single Catholics that I have found within it. By participating in the forums and by attending get-togethers, I have met many amazing new people who I never otherwise would have known. We laugh together, we pray together, we learn about our faith together, and we share in the hope of finding our true ‘CatholicMatch.’”  Michael-76823


“I love CatholicMatch because less than a week after I signed up last September I found someone I have fallen in love with. In March, when my subscription was about to expire, I signed up for another six months seeking friendship only because of all the amazing people in the fora. I’ve learned so much and always have a loving, supportive, prayerful community to turn to in times of need. There are some saints living among us on this site. Thank you, CatholicMatch!”  Linda-629540


“I love CatholicMatch because it has given me so many opportunities to grow in my faith and in love. I’ve fallen in love with God, my friends and, yes, a man or two here. I’m glad that God has delayed my wedding bells because He’s given me much while I wait. I’ve learned to pray in a deeper way, embracing the traditional prayers of our faith like the rosary, novenas and adoration. I’ve traveled to meet members and forged lifelong friendships. CatholicMatch has made me a better woman.”  Dawn-58330


“I love CatholicMatch because in this day-in-age finding someone who authentically seeks marriage the why in which God Himself intended it to be is very difficult. Few people realize what true and pure beauty is born within the sacrament of holy matrimony. CatholicMatch offers me, and everyone else, a chance to more easily find someone who seeks this lifelong union of mutual self-giving. It’s a place where men are challenged to be Godly men and women can find their dignity as being the pinnacle of all God’s creation.”  Paul-532085


“I love CatholicMatch because it is not like any other dating site, even Catholic/Christian ones. It is definitely greater than even the founders thought that it would be, because the Holy Spirit has lead it and people have responded. I love CatholicMatch because it has helped bring about not only a Catholic dating site but a Catholic community where people have grown in their faith and enhanced understanding and knowledge of their faith. I love CatholicMatch, as I have found people from all walks of life and have gone to various events meeting new people. I love CatholicMatch because if it is God’s will I’ll find here the man who I can join my faith with, so that a greater love can grow not only for God but of and in each other.” Mary-25961


“I love CatholicMatch because it has given hope to thousands of faith-based subscribers willing to search and ambitious enough to initiate contact in finding a quality life-long partner. This site provides resources for finding the love of your life. Prayers may be requested for personal intentions whether stated publicly or private. Social events are planned and attended from coastline to coastline. CatholicMatch is reasonably priced and fits our individual budgets. Finally, with due respect to our Protestant brothers and sisters, CatholicMatch offers an excellent opportunity to search and befriend like-minded persons willing to carry the cross of Catholicism and proudly wave its banner. Blessings to all subscribers and staff of CatholicMatch.”  Leon-593843


“I love CatholicMatch because I have had opportunity to make friends, be a part of community that provided much support through challenging times and growth in faith. Happy anniversary and God Bless!” Martha-383722


“I love CatholicMatch because it has become such a blessing in my life. While CatholicMatch is first and foremost a dating site, it has opened up Catholicism for me in a way nothing ever has before. We share our faith, our hopes and dreams, our sorrows. We make friends who will last a lifetime. We share what draws us together as a community, even the differences that tear us apart, we support each other through some of the toughest experiences of our lives, ease the fears that haunt us and rejoice in each other’s successes and joy. To the creators of this site, I can only say thank you for starting this wonderful idea that has blossomed into the family it is today.”  Annabelle-564810


“I love CatholicMatch because of the network of friends and acquaintances that are available to discuss topics from a Catholic perspective or viewpoint. I like very much the idea that I can seek a Catholic life partner on the site and learn a little bit about their values and beliefs within the Catholic faith as we are paired via the matching system.”  Lynn-189934


“I love CatholicMatch because it provided me a means to find a great man I never would have found otherwise! Also, it has helped me strengthen my faith and make some wonderful friends! Thanks, CatholicMatch!”  Lisa-2533


“I love CatholicMatch because it has given me the opportunity to visit great cities via the CatholicMatch get-togethers, meet wonderful people at those gatherings as well at local events and it has helped me grow in faith. Where else does one find a place where virtual strangers show you love and support during both difficult and happy times? I especially love it when I meet those ‘virtual’ strangers and they become friends. Happy birthday, CatholicMatch! I remember when you were just a baby – 2 months old! My, how you have grown!”  Jacqueline-198


“I love CatholicMatch because I have learned even more about my religion, I have met some wonderful folks, I have built some lasting friendships and I have visited some incredible places.”  Sandra-222626


“I love CatholicMatch because the site not only seems to have a great pool of strong solid Catholic datables but it also fosters a great Catholic online community through its forums. It offers tips on how to make a presentable profile, but it also gives the member the option to put in their profiles their favorite prayers, Mass tradition, the 7s, etc. It allows members to utilize different means of online exchanges, such as messages, emotes and chats. May God continue to bless CatholicMatch in helping to bring together those who are called to a vocation of marriage and may CatholicMatch also bring fellow Catholics together in friendship and in love.” Araecy-653293


“I love CatholicMatch because it introduced me to Mr. Right, who is perfect for me.”  Barb-505508


“I love CatholicMatch because it gives me an opportunity to be in contact with people of my faith. The forums have provided both a good laugh and information about our faith. The prayer support on CatholicMatch is very important to me. CatholicMatch makes it easier to meet someone with similar ideals. Success stories, especially those who have had long-distance relationships, have given me a great deal of encouragement. Thank you all who have made this possible.” Sherrill-anne-13557


“I love CatholicMatch because they are considering giving those of us who have also been on here 12 years free memberships!” Bernard-2709



  1. Jacqueline-198 October 1, 2013 Reply

    Free memberships for long time members?! Did I read that correctly? Would it help that it’s my birthday today?! 🙂

  2. Mari-611004 July 6, 2011 Reply

    Congratulations CM! May you have many more birthdays to come.

  3. Liza-523080 July 1, 2011 Reply

    I love Catholic Match because it is another way for me to meet the man of my dreams with the guidance of St.Rafael especially in this time and world that we live in. More power and more years to come CM….Liza

  4. Kathleen-49 July 1, 2011 Reply

    I love Catholic Match because they offer a healthy, God-centered environment to meet new friends and hopefully the mate God has intended for each of us. I have to say that Bernard-2709 takes the cake … love his comment!

  5. Rita-727670 July 1, 2011 Reply

    Twelve years is the age that a teenager … congratulations to you and because you are that I am here.
    From Jakarta, Indonesia, Rita

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