Are You Hoping For ‘Summer Lovin’?


Summer has arrived! Do you feel the prospect of romance more acutely this season?


“Yes, there is something more romantic about summer. Warm nights, scent of flowers faintly in the air, locusts creaking at night, convertibles with a starry sky above and even warm summer rain can add to the ambiance of suntans. Days at the pool or beach, and lazy evenings on a front porch… Something motivates me more in the summer. I want to find someone more earnestly.”   Lynn-189934


“Summertime reminds me of “Dreams” and other gems from Van Halen’s 1986 album titled 5150, which was cranked quite often back then. Perhaps since summer hits the reset button on the school year, we hope/dream it will hit the reset button on our love lives.”   Victor-69000


“I guess it depends what stage in life you are in. For those of us with children it means no school schedules and being activities director for the summer.”   –Helena-681194


“There is something special about being at Busch Stadium on a warm summer night and seeing the stars above the ballpark. Outdoor concerts, days at the pool, sleeping with the windows open. I don’t necessarily feel the prospect of love more acutely, but my desire is definitely renewed.”   Scott-556565


“Spring comes and everybody and everything gets all…what’s the word I am looking for…TWITTERPATED!”   Michaela-426347


“Having grown up on a farm, spring and summer don’t mean flourishing romance, but usually the result of romance! As all our ewes would be having their lambies!”   Naomi-698107


How about you? Are you feel romantically optimistic?


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  1. Peggy-715872 June 15, 2011 Reply

    hey yes im lookin for love also summer love would be perfect bring it on…….thanks

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