Day Job Vs. Dream Job: Single Catholics Pray & Plan


The beginning of summer is a perfect time to take stock of your life – spiritually, physically, personally and professionally. Dozens of CatholicMatch members have shared their dream jobs on a thread in the St. Joseph Room, stating what they’re currently doing, what they’d like to be doing and what steps they’re taking to get there.

These single Catholics are turning dreams into deeds. Check them out!



27, San Antonio, TX

Day job: standardized test scorer

Dream job: neonatologist (a baby doctor)

Action plan: studying premedical sciences and volunteering at a local hospital to get into medical school




40, Somerset, MA

Day job: commercial lending assistant manager

Dream job: baseball manager or general manager

Action plan: volunteering as a little league coach




20, Manchester, MI

Day job: dishwasher

Dream job: something in the medical field

Action plan: going to college and trying the waters




49, Ripon, CA

Day job: accountant

Dream job: Sunday before last, in the middle of mass, I began thinking about starting a home/farm for high functioning autistic adults.

Action plan: I should start talking to some of the local farmers (who happen to be clients) about more than the numbers side of their business.




26, Sequim, WA

Day job: doughnut slinger

Dream job: artist, author, mother

Action plan: I try to do a little work every day on my projects, honing my skills. The mother thing, though, it takes two to tango! So signing up for is a good start there.




47, Pekin, IL

Day job: circulation director (logistics)

Dream job: human resources

Action plan: attending college




Day job: software engineer

Dream job: novelist and screenwriter

Action plan: First and foremost I am writing! Right now I’m developing a story with a mythical setting about the pitfalls of putting second things first. I’m also reading as much as I can about writing and the art of both novels and scripts. I’ve started a writers group in my city to support each other in developing as writers. Next cycle I am going to be doing some night classes with an outfit here in Auckland that hooks writers up with professional writers as mentors.




46, Niles, MI

Day job: lighting consultant

Dream job: to stay home with my daughter and have my own antique/boutique shop!

Action plan: As a single mom with a full-time job, I just hope someday I will have the resources make my dreams reality!




33, San Leandro, CA

Day job: software engineer

Dream job: running my own non-profit software small company

Action plan: putting away as much savings as I can, investing for the future, not just retirement




40, San Antonio, TX

Day job: education

Dream job: wife and mother, volunteering at my parish and doing creative things on the side

Action plan: Seeking an annulment. Also, taking classes and presenting my creations for sale or assessment.




28, Aurora, IL

Day job: veterinary assistant

Dream job: veterinary technician

Action plan: I have found an online program, just need to sign up for classes.




25, Chicago, IL

Day job: grad student studying Spanish literature with a teaching fellowship

Dream job: novelist

Action plan: I have a novel and a children’s book both finished. And I’ve started a sequel for the novel. This summer I’m hoping to send out letters of interest to literary agents in attempts to get the ball of publication rolling. There’s a good chance it won’t happen, but I think it’s worth a shot.


St. Joseph, pray for us!



Editor’s note

Faith, Hope & Love” contributor Dan Flaherty recently wrote about his daring leap from law firm courier to writer. Check it out!



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    Thumbs down.
    I do not like this article, if for no other reason, there is no button to click on to show that you do not like it.
    I would really like a job that does not exist — resident potato who tests couches for long term comfort and TV watching.

    • Jeremiah-872559 February 28, 2014 Reply

      So you’re saying you would like nothing more than to be a lazy couch potato? That’s attractive to potential mates on the site.

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