Father’s Day 2011: Say Thank You & I Love You


Today is Father’s Day, which offers each of us the chance to remember and celebrate the special moments we have shared with the father figures in our lives.

One of the most memorable days I spent with my Dad was a pre-season event at the then-new Target Field in March 2010. As a season ticket holder, I was sent two tickets to tour the ballpark before it was open to the public, and I knew exactly who I wanted to take – my Dad.

You’re probably assuming that my Dad is a huge sports fan, but that is far from the truth. After the event, I wrote on my personal blog:

For context, my Dad doesn’t follow sports. He has never watched ESPN or filled out a March Madness bracket. He won’t remember any details about the Vikings’ record last season or know who the Wild have yet to sign for next season. But he does read the paper and loves to ‘check things out.’

He also loves to serve others in the most humble way, and I was on the receiving end of that service on Sunday. He was excited because I was excited. He wanted to be there because I wanted to be there. He wanted to explore the ballpark because I wanted to explore the ballpark.

After our day at Target Field, Dad sent me a short e-mail:

You are definitely a bright ray of sunshine in my life and I truly treasure these times together!! You’re the best daughter I could ever have!
Love, DAD

I was reminded of this special day with my Dad when a college friend of mine last week passed a very sad milestone – five years without his dad. At age 18, he had lost his dad to cancer, which left an indescribable hole in his life then and now. My friend encouraged others to seize every opportunity to thank our fathers:

Surprise your dad today: Randomly tell him you love him and how proud you are to be his kid. Don’t wait til Father’s Day in a couple weeks; I’m sure he’ll appreciate the random sign of affection today!

Whether you are celebrating today with your father or step-father here or in heaven or another important man in your life, embrace this day. Say thank you. Say I love you and mean it. And never forget, God the Father is someone else to celebrate today and every day for his guidance, devotion and unconditional love.


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