Friends Turned Matchmakers: Good Intentions, Real Danger


“So I have this friend who I know you would just love. He’s so nice…”

If all the single people in the world could only make a buck every time we hear a seemingly helpful friend start a sentence with, “So I know this guy/girl…”

Our friends want the best for us, so it’s only natural that they keep watch for a suitable match for their unattached friends. Great relationships can result from a mutual friendship, but it’s not as simple as you may think. Just because you’re single and one of your friend’s friends is single doesn’t equate to a match made in heaven.




The risks

  • With a mutual friend in the middle, you may feel pressure to make this relationship work. He or she may be a good friend to someone you know, but that doesn’t necessarily correlate to a successful romantic relationship.
  • If this relationship falls apart, there’s no guarantee you will be able to avoid him or her in the future. Think of your mutual friend’s next birthday – do you want to awkwardly pass your ex on your way to grab a piece of cake?
  • Remember in 5th grade when you convinced your friend to “ask out” the boy or girl you liked for you because you were too shy? If you’re not careful, getting friends involved may take this new adult relationship to an elementary school level.


The rewards

  • If you have one mutual friend, there’s a high chance that you have more mutual friends than you think. You get to avoid the anxiety-ridden meet-the-friends bowling night.
  • Having friends in common can serve as an ice breaker on the first couple of dates. There’s nothing better than sharing embarrassing stories about a friend with someone who can appreciate the memory.
  • You pick good friends, right? Well, so does this potential match, which says a lot about his or her character.


All relationships require a leap of faith, if friends are involved or not, so don’t rule out dating a friend of a friend just because there are risks. As CatholicMatch blogger Angie Francis said in a recent post, “God is not only the creator of all, He is also the original matchmaker.”

Your friends may think they are the perfect matchmakers, but as single Catholics, we know God is the ultimate matchmaker, and He has your best intentions at heart.


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