How Maria Brought An End To A Long CatholicMatch Search


The 54-day rosary novena is a beloved devotion among many Catholics, and the members of CatholicMatch are no exception. Maria is one with a strong belief in the power of this novena and she used it bring to her husband into her life.

Just as the novena itself requires patience, Maria’s path was one took time. She joined CatholicMatch in January 2003, when she was 33, and had the opportunity to correspond with a number of men with whom there was mutual interest. But during these times her prayer had the result in steering off her a path that was less than the best. “Quite a few times when I thought I found someone nice, I prayed the 54-day rosary novena,” she told CatholicMatch. “I could always count on this novena for answers! It has NEVER failed me!”

A negative answer to prayer—i.e., just knowing the path not to go down—can be a frustrating experience, but Maria persisted in faith. She went to the well again in late 2006, praying the novena—which requires 27 days of petitioning the Blessed Mother for your request and the last 27 days of thanking her—and getting a nice message from Ed in response.

Ed, two years older, and living nearby in Massachusetts, spent a few months talking with Maria on the phone and getting to know her through the CatholicMatch message system. If the Blessed Mother had been vital it bringing them together, it would be the other side of the Holy Family that had his hand in their first date. They decided to meet in person on March 19, St. Joseph’s Feast Day. After getting together at church and praying the rosary together, they returned to her home, where Ed met her mom and sister and they had a belated St. Patrick’s Day meal together—“He even bought us Irish soda bread,” Maria said delightfully, “my favorite!”. After a pleasant walk around the neighborhood they made plans to meet again in two weeks.

Throughout the spring and summer they continued to date, to grow in faith and in understanding each other. In September, Ed proposed marriage. “I was shocked, but of course immediately said yes,” Maria recalled. “We picked June 16…the Feast of the Immaculate Heart of Mary as our wedding day to thank God and Our Lady for bringing us together.”

It was a long road for both Maria and Ed, but they became proof that good things come to those who wait. It’s a valuable lesson after four years of marriage, as they continue to try and build a family, remaining open to adoption. They seek the prayers of the CatholicMatch community as they move forward in their lives together.



  1. Maria L. January 11, 2013 Reply

    Thank you very much everyone! We will be praying for you and for all your needs and intentions! I highly recommend praying the rosary especially the 54 day rosary novena! It is very powerful! ! Please continue to pray for Ed and I to be blessed with a child, if it is God’s will for us. I was diagnosed with endometriosis stage four at age 41 after eight months of marriage and endured two surgeries, but we still hope and pray for a child. Could you please pray for us? Thank you so much! May God Bless you!

    Maria Therese

  2. Jen-3409 October 6, 2012 Reply

    prayers can move mountains!

  3. Elizabeth-753085 September 2, 2012 Reply

    Very nice story of faith and patience~ God bless you in your marriage!!

  4. Barbara-644417 July 8, 2011 Reply

    Heartwarming story. I am praying that your long awaited “family” will come to you soon.

  5. Maria-552320 July 8, 2011 Reply

    What a beautiful story.Blessings to you two that with all God’s and the Blessed Mother are things are possilbe.Have a good life together,my prayers to ya’ll.Stay Blessed,From Maria

  6. Marina-722099 June 29, 2011 Reply

    My prayers are with you as you move forward in your lives together. May God continue to bless you as you celebrate your faith together. You are an inspiration to me. Your story reminded me of the importance of prayers and patience. Thank you for sharing!

  7. Kimberly-721606 June 29, 2011 Reply

    Congratulations Ed and Maria! You are telling me something strong here and I am taking the advice! May God always bless your union! Thank you~ Kimberly

  8. Meesch-691047 June 26, 2011 Reply

    Wow. Just WOW!

  9. Brian-719176 June 25, 2011 Reply

    Very nice story. Congratulations on making it to four years of marriage. May you two be blessed with many more years of marriage and a child of your own.

  10. Kathy-730470 June 24, 2011 Reply

    A beautiful story !

  11. Liza-523080 June 24, 2011 Reply

    Thanks for sharing your story, another proof pf God’s timing and will…..May God bless and grant the desire of your heart both as you journey your married life……….

  12. Mari-611004 June 23, 2011 Reply

    Another inspiring story! Thanks for sharing.May the good Lord bless and keep you always.

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