Robert & Ana Served Others And Found Joy Together


Robert and Ana were both people who had given much to others in the course of their life. Robert, age 69, was retired from serving his country in the Air Force. Ana served her country on a different kind of frontline — as an English teacher in the poverty and crime-ridden area of Watts, a part of Los Angeles that was ravaged in the city’s riots of 1992. Both had been married previously and raised children that were now adults. These two people from SoCal were now looking for something more.

Ana had been on CatholicMatch for more than four months and was wondering if the match system really worked. She decided to change some responses in her profile to see if it changed the matches.

It did.

Robert came up. She didn’t think they would be a match because she didn’t like cats and he owned two of them. But she did appreciate his self-deprecating sense of humor in his own profile and sent him a note to tell him so. He wrote back, and after communicating online for a month, they found they had similarities their profile hadn’t revealed.

Both are bilingual, but Ana, whose family of origin is in Peru and holds her master’s in Spanish, had a considerable advantage on Robert. As a result, some of his efforts to translate words into Spanish inadvertently insulted his new love interest. “Still, curiosity got the best of her,” he recalled. “And she drove up to meet me in Tehachapi.”

That lunch date proved to be the start of something special. They began to trade weekends visiting each other. Finally Ana approached Robert with a direct question—was what he willing to do to further the relationship. Robert didn’t hesitate: “I replied that I would go down to Peru with her and visit her Mother; she took me up on the challenge.”

Robert liked what he saw in Peru and during what Ana termed a “folkloric show,” he proposed to her, on one knee in front of her mother. Ana said yes, and this past May 28 they were married in Las Vegas.

“The beauty of it all is that we share a strong faith and set of values by which we guide our life and relationship,” Ana told CatholicMatch.

Ana and Robert have served others for so long and continue to do so. It’s more than fitting they should find some happiness of their own with each other.


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  1. Ana-712402 June 18, 2011 Reply

    Beautiful love story!! CONGRATULATIONS!! Why something like that do not happens to me???

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