David: ‘You Have To Trust It’s All Part Of God’s Plan’


We’re happy to spotlight David-157569, a dedicated dad from New York, this Father’s Day.

When did you become a single dad and why?

I became a single dad as a result of my divorce in 1994. My daughters were 5 and 3 when my wife and I initially separated.


Tell me about your kids.

Jessica is now 22, a recent college grad, and Emily is 20 and will be entering her junior year in college. I have been blessed with two amazing daughters, each in her own unique way (they are polar opposites) who I am very proud of.

What are you hoping for this Father’s Day?

Just having a relaxing, fun day spent with my daughters and family. And I’m hoping the girls remembered the Billy Joel Live at Shea Stadium Blu-Ray DVD I mentioned a while back.


How has your parenting evolved since becoming a single dad?
I’ve gone from having to deal with little problems with little girls – I’ll always remember those early mornings, getting the girls ready for school and trying to figure out how to put hair ties in – to bigger problems with teenage girls. I tried to guide them as well as I could, equipping them with the tools they need to become independent, productive young adults.


What’s the hardest part of fatherhood?
Watching your children hurt and knowing there is really nothing you can do to stop it. It is an inevitable part of growing up – life has ups and downs – and you just have to trust and have faith that it is all part of God’s plan.


What’s the greatest reward?
Watching your children grow into successful, happy adults who feel good about themselves and what they’re accomplishing with their lives.


How does being Catholic inform your fathering?
I’ve relied on my Catholic faith to help me do the best I can over the years, praying and looking for guidance to be the best father I can be.


What is your prayer for your kids?
I pray that God watches over them, keeps them safe and guides them back to His path if they wander off.


What kind of woman are you hoping to introduce to your kids?
Someone they know is the right woman for me, just as surely as I am the right man for her. And someone they feel just as comfortable around as they do with me.


When it comes to being a single dad, what do you know for sure?
I know for sure that it takes total commitment from day one, but there is nothing more rewarding.


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