6 Great Summer Dates


The change of seasons offers not only a new chance to find love, but a new chance to broaden your horizons and step outside the dinner and a movie first date fall-back plan. Summer officially begins next Tuesday, but now is the time to take advantage of the warmer weather. Here are some ideas for unique first dates (or second or third) that will show your new interest that you’re ready for some summertime fun.


1.)  Hit the trails
Get to know each while walking around your favorite park or lake. More adventurous? Take a pair of mountain bikes into a state park and lead your date around the trails. He or she will appreciate a unique chance to enjoy the outdoors.


2.)  Wine and cheese
Take a day trip to a local winery. Bring along some carefully selected breads and cheese to compliment your selections, and relax with your date and your wine of choice.


3.)  Patio tour

Why sit inside a stuffy restaurant on a gorgeous day? Research the best restaurant patios in your area and plan an entire evening around this top list. If your city has rooftop bars, be sure to make this one of your stops!


4.)  Live music

Summer is a great time to check out the local music scene. Visit a neighborhood coffee shop or another local venue to listen to an acoustic or jazz set. Ask your date ahead time about his or her taste in music, so you can do some research ahead of time.


5.)  Movie in the park

Dinner and a movie is so cliché, but how about a movie in the park? The Minneapolis Parks & Rec department sponsors “Movies and Music Under the Stars” events for people of all ages to enjoy the latest flick in the summertime. I bet a city in your area offers a similar event!


6.)  Take me out to the ballgame

I may be a little biased, but some of the best conversations can be had during a baseball game. Whether it’s a Major League Baseball game or your local legion team, buy a couple hot dogs and beverages and take in the summer sun.  If you and your date are into sports, this is a must.


Longer days and warmer weather are the perfect ingredients for a summer romance. And who knows, maybe that summer romance will continue into the fall.

CatholicMatchers, what kind of first dates will you be planning this summer?



  1. Diana-956573 May 4, 2013 Reply

    Go to church then walk along the pathway near the river. Enjoy the view and the company of each other. Have fun at the playground along the way and have some ice cream while sitting on the grass and feel the summer breeze and wisp of the wind on the cheeks. Just grateful to have someone who I can be with on a one summer afternoon. Your article makes me more excited for Summer Love. Thanks Jessica. 🙂

  2. Michele-733455 June 23, 2011 Reply

    These are great ideas…and everyone if these things I love to do…the only problem is that the gentlemen on this CM site are either to bashful or afraid they’re going to be rejected. I think as a senior person we should try to get in touch with each other and even if it isn’t a match…you have a new friend. Take me out to the ballgame…1-2-3 zoom!!!!! Michele-733455

  3. Anne-445674 June 20, 2011 Reply

    Other fun things to do to beat the heat are going out to play miniature or “putt-putt” golf in the evening. Also, usually some of these amusement centers have bumper boats or batting cages or related fun things, depending on what you’re interested in. When I used to live in Texas, it was popular to go “inner tubing” down the cool river while the heat was in 90’s-100. Lots of fun! I’ve also been white water rafting in NC, so I know other areas of the country have this available. Whitewater rafting was a bit more scary, but Iuckily I was with more experienced boating people & I could swim. 🙂

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