Wendy & Tyler Went From London to Rome to Milwaukee


Wendy, a 25-year-old grad student, was familiar with the world of online dating when she came to CatholicMatch, but that familiarity didn’t necessarily make her optimistic. Previous dating sites hadn’t worked out, but she was willing to give CatholicMatch a try since the biggest problem with her previous efforts was finding someone committed to their faith.

It didn’t take long for her to get results.

Within two weeks of going online she saw Tyler’s profile. When she wrote, Wendy had no expectations of any response from him, previous history in online dating having left her ready for the worst. But this time she got a pleasant surprise — even a “shock,” as she put it. Tyler, also 25, wrote back to her that very day.

The immediacy of Tyler’s response didn’t mean there weren’t significant obstacles in the potential couple’s way. She was living in West Virginia, while he, a resident of Milwaukee, was studying abroad in London.

They chatted each day and while Wendy enjoyed it, she was way too nervous to ever suggest a face-to-face meeting, even when she got her own opportunity to study abroad in Rome for a month. Tyler stepped out and asked her if they could get together in Europe.

Tyler stepped up to the plate in more ways than just asking Wendy to meet. With her parents concerned about her flying to London to meet a stranger, he offered to call them and help put their minds at ease. A couple of calls to Wendy helped do the same for her, as he graciously took the lead in this developing relationship.

Wendy had wanted to make the first meeting in London since she was the novice traveler and this was an opportunity for her to see another city. They enjoyed their first date after overcoming initial awkwardness and they decided this relationship was worth moving forward on.

When she returned to Rome, they talked each night on the phone, and her final week in the Eternal City included a visit from Tyler.

“We had so much fun seeing the Colosseum and the Vatican together,” Wendy said. “It was almost like a movie.”

When they were both back in the States, they kept up nine months of traveling back and forth between Wisconsin and West Virginia. With each parting becoming increasingly difficult, Wendy decided it was time for her to make a leap of faith. She got a teaching job at a Catholic school in a scenic small town north of Milwaukee.

With the girl of his dreams in his backyard, Tyler wasted no time. A week after Wendy was settled in, they went out to dinner and he then took her to a park on Lake Michigan.

“While we were standing on a bluff at the park he proposed and I immediately accepted,” Wendy told CatholicMatch. Their wedding will be in less than three weeks and they thank God each day for His blessings.



  1. Veronica-56352 June 7, 2011 Reply

    Wow! Two weeks into it and a knight in shining armor! May God bless your marriage with love, health & happiness! Veronica

  2. Anissa-550159 June 2, 2011 Reply

    beautiful story, God bless =)

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  4. Angie-584510 June 2, 2011 Reply

    What a lovely couple! May God bless you in your future together.

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