Donna Grew Tired Of Emotigrams & Reached Towards Bill


Bill and Donna were both using CatholicMatch to ease their way back into the dating scene after going through divorce and annulment and then raising three kids each on their own. Donna’s initiative made the romance a reality instead of just a pipe dream.

It began back in June 2009 when Donna, a 52-year-old from Georgia, took a summer break from studying towards her masters degree in education and wanted to rekindle the social life that had fallen dormant in the three years since her first marriage ended. An ad in her parish bulletin for CatholicMatch led her to come to this venue in looking for answers.

She enjoyed it right away, calling the search process like “catalog shopping”. But she didn’t want to be too forward with anyone, so she waited for someone to contact her. Donna received contact, but it never got past the emotigram stage. Finally, after she and Bill went back and forth viewing each other’s profiles, she decided enough was enough.

“I was going to have to take a leap of faith or else my $50 was going to be wasted on nothing but emotigrams!” she said. Donna reached out and wrote a short note to Bill about how their profiles had a lot in common and asked what his experience had been in meeting people.

His response was quick and considerate, but seemed to close the door on a possible relationship. “He really wasn’t interested in anyone who had children still at home,” Donna recalled. Two of her three kids were still in their teen.

“He was ready to be foot-loose and fancy-free, and he well deserved it after raising three lovely daughters since his divorce,” Donna graciously said.

They exchanged messages, and Bill offered some advice to his new pen pal about how to meet new people. Advice, according to Donna, is something Bill is “very good at doing.” And ironically that kept the correspondence moving along. Every time Donna would say thanks and wish him luck, he’d respond with some more advice.

“I began to think of him as a big-brother type,” she said of the 61-year-old marathon runner, “which sort of hurt his feelings.”

The banter continued over several weeks, while he ran marathons and they uncovered their common interests, goals and values and their strong Catholic faith. Finally they exchanged e-mail addresses and phone numbers. Bill was ready to meet her and was no longer interested in giving her advice on how to find another Catholic man.


Popping the question

They met for dinner in August 2009 and it’s safe to say it was right from the beginning. “Love at first sight,” according to Bill. Donna held out for “love at first kiss.”

By December it was time to make the arrangement more permanent. They went to the banks of Georgia’s Chattahoochee River, a place where they walk and run together. This time Bill took out a bag from the car, which had Donna’s favorite chocolate candy, their favorite bottle of wine and their favorite song on the iPod.

He dropped to one knee and proposed, in a voice of full emotion. She replied with emotion of her own, choking out a whispered “yes.”

They’ve now been married for five months and have successfully melded their families into one. 



  1. Chris-181404 March 27, 2013 Reply

    But Emotigrams are Awesome! Why, I just now gave someone a fictional cup of coffee,it was fantastic!;)

  2. Terri-838897 July 1, 2012 Reply

    What an inspiring story….persistance does pay off. God’s blessings to you both for a wonderful life together.

  3. Karen-854278 May 9, 2012 Reply

    Another lovely story with a wonderful ending. Developing a strong foundation of friendship first is always a great way to start an enduring marriage. You are a lovely couple and I wish you years of happiness.

  4. Helaena-743478 December 22, 2011 Reply

    What a handsome couple you make!

  5. Vhie-763540 October 22, 2011 Reply

    Wow! How romantic….I guess persistence pays off at the end. This story is inspiring.

  6. Nancy-640021 July 25, 2011 Reply

    What a heartwarming story! Another example of going beyond one’s comfort zone to make God’s plan work. I pray a lifetime of blessings upon you both.

    • Vhie-763540 October 22, 2011 Reply

      You are right Nancy…it is when we go out of our comfort zone when something extra ordinary happens.

  7. Barbara-677454 July 24, 2011 Reply

    I, also read a story on the front page of the R.I. Catholic… the family was well know, one brother lost his wife, he joined Catholic match and was married several months later. Just last week, I attended mass @ his church ( having house guest we didn’t make the 7:15 @ my parish) so we went to the neighboring town to the 8:30, low and behold there was the lucky guy w/his wife selling baked goods for the youth CYO group’s summer trip to Maine to help a very worthwhile cause. Told him how I signed up @ and that my guy & I are still getting to know one another. Just never thought I ‘d be so lucky, we’ve meet 3X since. My husband died 5yrs. ago this Jan. 2.12. In response to the above success article, Donna & Bill.

  8. Jim-397948 July 24, 2011 Reply

    Does Donna have a twin sister I can meet???

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