From Venice To Jackson Hole: Singles’ Summer Travels


CatholicMatch members are departing for some fabulous cross-country (and continent) vacations this summer. Here’s a sampling.


“The Bristol Renaissance Faire in Wisconsin. I went last year with a coworker and had a blast so we are going again in July.” Annie-716013


“On Sunday I’m leaving for Israel with my dad and his prayer group.” Mary-42689


“This year my summer vacations seem to revolve around CatholicMatch get-togethers and events: San Antonio for Memorial Day (which was fun), Lifest in July, and Rocky Mountains over Labor Day.”  Michael-76823


“My little one and I rent a cabin on a tiny lake in Michigan for a week every summer. It’s so relaxing – no Internet and very limited cell service. And the locals are just so dang nice! We go toward the end of summer and get all the best blueberries and peaches…something we look forward to every year!” Susan-330819


“Coming up in August is the Perseid Meteor Shower, and I want to be well away from city lights for that, so I may head north up towards Yellowstone and camp out for those days. And if things don’t work out and I can’t get away for a while, this a gorgeous area with clean air, mountains, lakes and rivers to enjoy.” Annabelle-564810


“In mid-August I’ll be taking a cruise to Bermuda. I know it’ll be great because I’ll be with my brother and his family, his in-laws, and another family. The more the merrier. I’ll share a cabin (with a balcony, mind you) with my 11-year old niece. When we retire for the night, we’ll do some serious girl-talk, and she’ll give me lessons on cruising.”  Lucy-481878


“From Aug. 18-31 I will be touring Italy and then from the 27-31 I will be in Barcelona, Valencia, and culminating in Bunol, where on Aug. 31 at 11 a.m. I will join thousands of other people in throwing tons of tomatoes at each other at the tomatina festival! I can’t wait.” Ludwik-33046


CM Rocky Mountain Adventure 9/1 to 9/5.”  Ann-69118


“Summer vacation: where we go every year, Catholic Familyland-Holy Family Fest! A vacation without leaving God behind. It is located 20 minuntes west of Steubenville, Ohio.”  Helena-681194


“Hopefully on safari in Kenya…or maybe hiking the El Camino across France and Spain…”  Laura-695247


“Just heading to Houston to visit family for a week. Nothing too exciting.”Kathleen-491237


“I might go to Italy for a week in September. Florence or Venice.”  Michael-686642


“I plan to go to Jackson Hole, Wy., for a conference in August and then get some time in at Yellowstone. Have always wanted to go there!”  Kathleen-311531



  1. Zhi-16063 July 16, 2011 Reply


    • Zhi-16063 July 16, 2011 Reply

      I prefer to avoid the crowds of summer.

      For instance September, October, November in Guizhou

      I like to go walking

      -Either on Santiago de Compostela path (Saint James path) especially starting from Le Puy-en-Velay in France (1500 km to Santiago in Spain)
      -either in China in South-East of Guizhou mountains (Such diversity on such a small area) its surprising ethnics, it’s wonderful festivals (Gaopai guzang festival 2007-2008 nine days festival was the best, the biggest, I was the only non Chinese attendant), its wonderful clothes you can see on these pictures:

  2. Kathy-730104 July 9, 2011 Reply

    Traveled to Williamsburg and Charlottesville in early June…So full of history…Highly recommend

  3. Carlo-533750 July 9, 2011 Reply

    World Youth Day 2011 : 8/15 to 8/21. It could be nice meeting some CM member there…

  4. Christina-50555 July 9, 2011 Reply

    I am touring Ireland with Tracy & Liam who met on Catholic Match. Tracy has put together a wonderful 10 day tour and I think we have about 40 people attending. We depart on July 19th.

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