Give Summer Love A Shot: Become A Subscriber!


Summer is the perfect time to try out a full membership on CatholicMatch. But you don’t have to take my word for it! I talked to a few members who crossed over and want to share their experience as paid subscribers.

“My subscription just renewed today,” Donald-585826 told me. “I renewed because I have made some friends here on CatholicMatch and I’m in contact with a couple ladies and want to see where things go. I like the forums; it’s a good way to learn about and interact with people.”

The lovely Michaela-426347 from Minnesota added: “Joining CatholicMatch has opened a new world for me. I have found many like-minded people. I call the people on CatholicMatch warm, welcoming, and caring, and I am proud to be a member.”

Maria-662227 became a member this month. She had had some concerns about safety but prayed about the matter and finally decided to join, realizing CatholicMatch could finally provide an outlet to meet a man who shared her faith. (So often before, she said, there was “something missing.”)

“I am glad that I became a member because I am meeting so many wonderful people who are bringing so much to the table,” Maria reported. “People are challenging me in many ways that I never imagined about my faith and have really made an impact on my life.”

Donna-83441, meanwhile, issued a challenge: “I would encourage everyone to at least pay for a couple of months. You can’t play if you don’t pay. Being a part of the CatholicMatch community is to be blessed beyond measure, and I don’t think most people (who fill out a profile) really give the site the attention it deserves. They get frustrated and think it doesn’t work. How do you know it doesn’t work if you don’t give it 100 percent?

And here’s an interesting take from Tom-352850 in Front Royal, Va.

Here’s my story. I’ve been a member for about 3 years. I’ve made many friends on here in that time. Most have been online only, but the dozen or so I have met in real life are outstanding people in so many ways.

It took about a year to find my first relationship. It lasted for almost a year, and while I was in the relationship, I was no longer active and let my membership lapse for a few months.

Looking back, letting my membership lapse was a mistake. I renewed after the break-up and had about six one- to two-date encounters over the next year, most of which resulted in friendships.

Currently I am in a relationship with someone about an hour away and the relationship is going very well. She was a 100% match and she joined around the time I did. We started messaging and emoting almost daily a month ago. We started texting two weeks ago. Then when we were online at the same time, we would send about 20 or 30 emotes at a time, having a conversation with just emotes. That got cumbersome, so we use chat function and a few emotes and messages. (And I have gotten back into forum postings and so has she.)

The irony is that even after we found our match, CatholicMatch still has value – and perhaps even more than we realized. CatholicMatch is good not only for meeting, but for maintaining and growing that relationship. It is a major support group for people at any stage of a relationship – from trying to meet someone to dating to engaged to married to new parents!

We have decided to get the longest renewal for our memberships when it comes due again and we will remain active even as the relationship grows.


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