Violinist: ‘Love Of Music & Love Of God Are Inseparable’


Michael is a 26-year-old Italian-American & a professional violinist

Michael-576595 is a professional violinist whose deep Catholic faith underlines his passion for music.

“I think the Catholic tradition inculcates a love of beauty and art, as a way of reflecting the glory of creation and giving back glory to God as thanksgiving,” he said. “For me a love of music and a love of God are inseparable.”

Michael, a 26-year-old from Alexandria, Va., began playing violin at age 8. It is “the most expressive and human instrument,” he says. Michael specializes in baroque music and his favorite composers are J.S. Bach and Heinrich Biber. He performs regularly, with a lighter summer schedule.

“I love to express myself through my music and through writing,” he notes on his profile. He speaks English, French and Italian.

The violinist joined CatholicMatch about 14 months ago “to meet women who share my faith and interests.”

The profile format is his favorite feature. “They have a way of putting all the cards on the table, so to speak, so that one knows exactly where the other person is coming from.”

Michael admits that he’s been disappointed by his results on the site so far. So ladies, here’s your chance to pleasantly surprise him!


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