Taking Risks & Trusting God Worked For Judith & Vincent


It was the wee hours of the morning in the suburb of Chicago where Judith lived and she was having a sleepless night. It was just six months ago that her husband had passed away from brain cancer and she was wondering what direction her life should take.

Not too many people would have suggested that it was time for her to start a new relationship, but she was thinking otherwise. The CatholicMatch ad in her parish bulletin had caught her eye, and even though going online was not “her thing” she decided to browse around on this sleepless night. Judith looked through profiles when she found one particularly noteworthy. “I came across Vince’s and everything he had to say just amazed me…I kept searching and viewing other profiles and but would always come back to Vince’s.”

To contact Vince meant she needed to join the site, and to her amazement, she actually found herself doing just that. “It felt so totally out of character…I felt I was crazy and truly questioned my sanity, but I felt totally compelled to continue.” She sent a message to Vince and then waited and hoped.

Vince had gone through the pain of losing a spouse as well, and lived near Green Bay where his three kids were. He was getting ready to let his CatholicMatch subscription lapse, when the message from Judith persuaded him to change his mind.

After spending time messaging each other, they took the next step to the phone. “Our conversations would go on for hours and hours”, Judith told CatholicMatch. “It felt like we had known each other for years…we were so comfortable talking to each other.”

This past April they met in person for the first time and the budding relationship took a big step forward. Vince made the drive to visit Judith in Illinois and spent a small fortune staying at a motel for 11 days. As they found themselves growing close to each other though, this also underscored a big problem that had to be overcome.

Both of them had strong relationships with immediate family in their area. Vince’s three children were close by, while Judith still had both her parents, several siblings and three sons of her own nearby. Vince suggested to Judith that she might be better off finding someone in her area. “At first I felt he was nicely trying to give me the brush off….but when I heard the change in his voice (we were talking on the phone), I could tell he was crying and what he was saying to me was very difficult. I felt he was a very caring and unselfish man and this just made me love him more.”

They decided to simply go forward and take the risks and everything has fallen into place. Vince is going to make the move to Illinois and Judith has committed to making frequent visits back to Wisconsin to see her new family. They believe it’s an example of how long-distance relationships can work as long as the couple lets God be in charge, and they hope for all on CatholicMatch to find the love and happiness they have. They will be married two weeks from today, on August 13.



  1. Helaena-743478 December 22, 2011 Reply

    Amazing story ! What courage you both have! Prayers for your happiness!

  2. Barb Tess
    Barb Tess August 1, 2011 Reply

    Congratulations Vince and Judith! What a familiar story this is for me… I am a widow from Sheboygan, WI, dating a widower from Arlington Heights, IL. My children are grown, married and dads in their own right, while my sweetheart has children of various ages including two in college and two still at home. Now this makes for an interesting relationship! We also had the same conversation whereby Mr. Right asked if I wouldn’t be better off to find someone in my neck of the woods. But the thing is, we’re right for each other and we’re continuing the relationship to see what God has planned for those who truly love Him.

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