Thomas Friedman: A Flat World Requires Online Dating


Many cite the dissolution of the built-in Catholic network as a reason for the record number of singles in the church. Unmarried Catholics can no longer turn to their neighborhood, their parish or their college to find a mate, as so many conveniently did in past decades.

But Pulitzer-Prize winning author Thomas Friedman points out that technology is also to blame. In his megabestseller The World Is Flat, he describes our inattention to the people (including fellow singles) whose paths we cross. “Yes, technology can make the far feel very near,” he writes in chapter 14 of his third edition. “But it can also make the near feel very far.”

Friedman goes on to explain the need for online dating:

“No wonder people have to do online dating. Your chances of a chance encounter now on a ski lift or on a train or a bus are so much lower today than they used to be, because the chances that the person sitting next to you will be absorbed in a handheld device, rather than being open to engaging the person next to him or her, are so much higher.”

So there you have it. No reason to be bashful about online dating; Thomas Friedman champions it. You should too.



  1. Sarah G. May 18, 2013 Reply

    My friend recommended this dating for travelers website called At first I thought the idea is a little bit bizarre but I gave it a try and it was worth it.

  2. Marie-575233 July 23, 2011 Reply

    I am not a champion of online dating.It is a method of last resort for me.In my church community,there are no single men my age.In addition,Fewer men attend mass.I am a proponent of face to face encounters.Too many nuances are missed communicating on line.

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