Delilah’s Wisdom For The Widowed


During the chilly Wisconsin winters, I often spend time in front of my fireplace either working on some sort of project, reading, or exercising. 

Many nights I tune into a radio station to hear the national personality Delilah. A regular feature of Delilah’s widely-syndicate show is devoted to her conversing with callers.  She always starts the conversation by asking, “What’s on your heart tonight?”

Joyful and sorrowful, the callers share all aspects of their lives and loves with this big-hearted lady. 

Delilah is passionate about empowering her callers to reach for a deeper meaning in their lives and not to settle for the status quo just because that’s what everyone else might be doing. She often interjects God into conversations and how thankful we should be to have him in our lives.

You might ask how listening to Delilah’s show ties back to my life as a single Catholic.

The comparison between her show and my faith life is quite simple: Delilah knows that life is full of mystery and perhaps intrigue. She also knows that everything good and worthwhile was created by God. And to Him alone should we give the glory. 

After all, material things will pass away, but our belief in God will not.

Now what if I told you that I know where to find plenty of mystery and intrigue and that it just might increase your chances of finding the deepest sort of love that you could ever experience? Would you be interested?

By now, you all know the story of our Blessed Virgin Mary, but did you ever stop to wonder what Mary’s life might have been like all those years ago?

The Bible presents Mary as a Jewish widow during the adult ministry of her son, which would mean that during the time of Jesus’ suffering and death on the cross and His consequent burial, she was a single mother.

Being born without sin, it was not necessary for her to suffer, but suffer she did, while enduring and remaining faithful to God as a single woman. 

Mary lost not only her son, but her husband. 


‘A special Catholic gift’

Hmmm….that’s something I can relate to. I lost both my husband and eldest son. Yet I maintain to this day that God was merciful to me because he took my son first, while my husband was still alive to share the burden of grief with me.  

Mary did not have that luxury. Her son did not die in a modern hospital with all the latest equipment and both parents present. Instead He died a martyr’s death on a cross with His loving mother by His side. We cannot begin to imagine the sorrow that must have filled Mary’s heart.

As for real intrigue, we Catholics are blessed to have been given a special gift called the rosary, which contains joyful, sorrowful, glorious and luminous mysteries, all pertaining to the life and times of Jesus and His mother Mary.  

When we pray the rosary, we profess our faith in The Blessed Trinity and the Blessed Virgin Mary. By meditating on these mysteries, we grow closer to our Heavenly Father.

In my family, a special rosary has been passed from generation to generation. I am lucky enough to be the current owner of this marvelous piece of family history. 

It is this very rosary that brought me out of depression as a new widow and into the light. It gave me hope when there was none. My life was very dark for a long, long time.  But devotion to our Blessed Mother and meditation on the mysteries of the rosary proved to be a turning point in my life.

I know that God does hear me when I pray the rosary. I just have to remember that He answers my prayers in three different ways: yes, no, or maybe. 


Waiting for ‘yes’

Of course, I’m just like everyone else: I go for the gold and always hope to see a big “yes” as an answer to my prayers. But many times the answer is “no,” and although my human nature wants to question that response, I remember that God is divine and I need to bend to His will, not the opposite way around.

God is here for each and every single person. 

On Tuesday, while listening to Relevant Radio, I heard radio personality Drew Mariani say, “We only need to offer our suffering up to Him in prayer.” 

So maybe next time the answer to your prayers is “no,” you could offer your suffering over that answer up to God and see where He leads you.

God offers the deepest love possible and the largest treasure you could ever hope to obtain, eternal salvation. All you have to do is seek and you will surely find.

Thanks be to God for answering my prayers by deepening my faith, broadening my horizons, and introducing me to a faith-filled Catholic man through this wonderful site we call CatholicMatch. My heart is full and so is my faith life.

I ask you, “What’s on your heart tonight?”



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  1. Marie-575233 July 27, 2011 Reply

    I too have listened to Delilah’s soothing, mellifluous voice. She has orovided comfort to many.

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