When Auriel Saw Jerry’s Profile She Didn’t Hesitate


It was the winter of 2009 and 20-year-old Auriel was in the snowy state of Wisconsin, where she attended school in La Crosse. She was browsing profiles and one of them popped up on her screen that looked interesting. Jerry, a 23-year-old student, was in Stevens Point, Wis., about a 2 ½ hour drive. Auriel didn’t hesitate. She messaged him immediately, got a response the same night and from there they both dove in head first.

After a month of chatting and messaging through CatholicMatch, Auriel and Jerry decided to get together for their first date. It proved to be a downer, mainly because the movie choice wasn’t ideal.

Up In The Air…ended up being depressing and not a great first date movie,” she recalled.

But that was just the surface stuff. The couple themselves were still getting along well and grew closer in the months that followed.

The distance has been difficult for the couple, but Auriel is convinced that it strengthens the relationship. “We have actual conversations every night, which have taught us so much about each other and ourselves,” she told CatholicMatch. “I think it would be too easy to just watch movies regularly and not spend much time talking if we lived in the same town.”

Even with the distance, they still found time to see each other every two weeks to meet each other’s families, and to enjoy spending time swimming at Wellington Lake, having fun at Riverside Park and sharing their favorite dessert of ice cream.

Those fun times and conversation set the stage for February 26 of this year. Jerry took Auriel to Granddad’s Bluff a spot which overlooks La Crosse. He gave her a wrapped present. It was a teddy bear.

“The bear was holding a letter written on old-fashioned paper…and sealed with wax,” Audrey recalled. She opened the envelope to find his proposal. When she looked at Jerry he was on one knee with a ring in his hand. Auriel began to cry and said yes.

The newly engaged couple went to dinner and a night at the opera watching The Marriage of Figaro. They will have a winter wedding this coming Dec. 30.

Auriel is prepared in more ways than one. She’s earned money working part-time as a wedding consultant. Now she gets to plan her own.



  1. Denise-350717 July 20, 2011 Reply

    Very sweet! Here’s hoping another gal in Wisconsin has good luck!

  2. Brian-719176 July 15, 2011 Reply

    Very nice story. It sounds like they have everything together. A great foundation for a long lasting marriage.

  3. Diana-737319 July 13, 2011 Reply

    She’s 20 and he’s 23? Yikes! I can’t imagine myself getting married next year…
    Best of luck to you two!

  4. Mari-611004 July 10, 2011 Reply

    A unique and encouraging story! Thanks for sharing this success story.

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