You Said It: Lots To Love About The Opposite Sex


Men and women may have both been created in God’s image, but we all know that each gender brings a unique, endearing set of characteristics to a relationship.

A recent discussion in the Tobias and Sara Room on this topic boasts more than 700 views and 100 replies and has both men and women confessing what it is about the opposite sex that gets them every time. Here’s a sample of some of the responses:


What women love about men

“Plain and simple, I like how they see things differently than I do – broadens my perspective and that’s a good thing.”  Laurie-523231

“I love how they are willing to hang pictures using a level and a hammer. No high heels necessary.”  Careese-449851

“While I think I am pretty resourceful, I really appreciate when a man is willing to teach me how to do something (example fix something, sharing knowledge, etc.) rather than do it for me.”  Kathie-430651

“Five o’ clock shadows! I love a little scruff!”  –Araecy-653293

“I love how they get embarrassed if you catch them crying.”  –Linda-624584


What men love about women

“Their encouragement when I need it.”  Patrick-466954

“I like the simple elegance and beauty that they can bring just by walking into a room.”  Jason-581074

“I like how they smell.”  Ted-548403

“I like their intellect and chipper good mood!”  John-631631

“The many different ways they share God’s love!”  Valentin-119637



So what is it that you love about the opposite sex? Whether it’s lighthearted and heartfelt, let’s hear it!


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  1. Terri-724688 July 9, 2011 Reply

    The right man just has that certain smell … it’s wonderful when I find it!

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