Fishing For A Keeper: A Wisconsin Angler Reflects


By Brett-564338


Fishing is a great sport!

The best part about fishing is feeling close to nature. Sitting under a shade tree with the hot summer sun above, earth becomes a little taste of heaven. As a gentle breeze stirs the water along the winding river, I feel so peaceful as I quietly cast in the deep water hole.

A strike!

There is a bite on my new shiny silver lure. When this happens, I carefully set the hook while gracefully reeling in the catch.

The art of fishing reminds me of finding a mate. Humans are like fish. We, too, like to be enticed by the bait. But it’s a different form of bait – a smile, a touch, a scent, a gesture, a look. They lure us in and we are hooked.

I must confess: I simply love both forms of fishing, for fish or for a mate.

Any fishing partners out there?


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