‘You’ll Never Know Who You’re Missing,’ So Join Today!


Tired of being alone? Join a dating site today!

These paid CatholicMatch members are reaching out, inviting you to subscribe today. Here’s their message to you, our unpaid users and those who are considering joining CatholicMatch.


  • “It’s a great online community, and I think you will like it,” Steve-360218 wrote. “The main benefit for me was being able to communicate with the other active members on the site. It’s like buying a car and not putting any gas in it. You won’t get the full benefits until you become a full subscriber. I was never really on the fence… I just turned 30 and made a resolution to make some changes in my life.”


  • “You’ll never know who you’re missing out on if you don’t subscribe,” urged Deanna-558852. “Do it! I decided to become a paid member because someone requested to chat with me and I thought, ‘What the heck, couldn’t hurt.’ The biggest benefit of being a member is sharing, bonding, finding common ground with other Catholic singles via the forums. But that’s not an all inclusive list of benefits that also include friendships, stronger faith and increased prayer.”


  • “This is bar none the best Catholic singles site,” wrote Bernard-2709. “Hands down. I have been on many. CatholicMatch has evolved into a great place to meet fellow Catholics.”


  • “I had a free membership and got a couple of emotes, so I decided to sign up so I could talk with them,” Michael-740990 wrote. “No regrets. It’s great to be able to talk to other Catholics, and the added bonus of maybe meeting someone special is a plus. I live in Virginia, where there are far fewer Catholics (at least in my area). The interaction is great.”


  • “I have only been a member for a couple of weeks,” wrote Helga-734689, “but I can tell you right now that I will continue with my subscription as long as I can. I still haven’t found the elusive ‘one and only,’ but I do love participating and getting to know people through the forums. I have been a member of many dating sites and by far this one includes the most social networking of all. I love that I can search for members based on specific criteria, that there’s the option of not only my matches but also guys looking for me, there are blogs with advice, an option to add your own questions to your profile, the emoticons and chatting, the homepage is very user-friendly with the ability to see new members and members online. I could go on and on! My favorite thing of all is that you pay for your membership and it includes all the things mentioned above and more. You don’t have to pay extra for any of the services.”


  • “The community of CatholicMatch is far larger than any one of us really comprehends,” added Dawn-58330.




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