From Priests To Puppies: Single Catholics Count Blessings


Five years ago David-364112 was instructed to make a daily list of 10 things he’s grateful for and thank God for each of those things, however big or small.

“It changed my whole outlook on life,” he reports. “I stopped being irritable – as often – and became grateful. I also became aware of God’s many gifts, his constant presence in my life and his boundless, intimate love for me.”

In these final weeks of summer, his friends on CatholicMatch are counting their blessings too. Many listed their homes and their jobs, faith, family and friends. Sandra-222626 cited her spacious yard. Helga-734689 lauded her 87-year-old grandma. Fran-551860 put a spin on the weather: “It’s 106 degrees outside, and I am cool here in my house.”

Michael-740990 dug in deep. “I am blessed to I have a God who calls me to be better than I am instead of settling for just the way you are,” he said. “I am blessed in that He patiently guided me back to His Church and forgave me.”

Jerry-730726 shared his triumph over hardship: “I thank God for getting me past the three surgeries, six weeks of radiation and six months of chemo in one year.”

Mark-741776, meanwhile, injected a little Australian levity. “I have all my own teeth, all my own hair and a slightly bent sense of humor.”

Tom-352850 quantified his blessings: “15,343 days I’ve been alive and still counting.”

And Ted-548403 counted his four children.

Dawn-58330 listed her ability to read, her writing gift, her sense of adventure and her CatholicMatch experience.

Monica-280208 thanked God for her two puppies, for all the priests, for Disney World and for Josh Groban. “Could I marry him please?”

Nothing wrong with mixing a little petition into a prayer of thanksgiving, right?


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