Jordan & Kelley Climbed The Mountaintop To Be Together


Earlier this month, Faith Hope & Love gave a nod to the engagement of Jordan and Kelley. Since then, the Tennessee couple has graciously provided CatholicMatch with more details of their faith-filled courtship and subsequent engagement.

Jordan and Kelly’s first meeting didn’t come online. They were both at a Right To Life banquet in October 2008, as she sang the national anthem and he held the flag. It was 13 months later that they encountered each other on CatholicMatch, sharing not only Catholic pro-life convictions, but a skepticism of online dating. But after a month of messaging they decided to have dinner together.

That dinner at a Thai Restaurant changed everything. “There was never a moment of awkwardness or lack of interest,” Kelly recalled. “Conversation led to family and faith and all the inbetweens.” They realized just how much they had in common and set second date to go ice skating. At the conclusion of Date #2 it was apparent that a new stage of their journey together had begun.

Kelly dismissed any notion that all went 100 percent smoothly for them as they began to fall in love.

“There were hard times,” she said candidly. “We have learned to listen, forgive one another, how to communicate and talk about the things we think are important.”

She sees their foundation in Faith and the abundance of grace provided by God as what brought them through this part of their journey of faith and love.

As they continued to see God’s plan for them develop, they made plans to go hiking together for Kelly’s birthday. It was her 25th birthday and Jordan promised to take her on the 11-mile walk up Mount Leconte. With his sister in town though, they decided to go to Chimney Top since it was “only” 4 miles. No one can say this young couple doesn’t take good care of themselves physically, as well as spiritually!  

When they got to the top of the mountain they sat down to eat the tuna they’d packed. Jordan went into his backpack and asked what kind she wanted.

But she wasn’t getting tuna. Instead he emerged with a blue box and the most beautiful ring she’d ever seen. Kelly freely admits to “practically floating the whole way down Chimney Tops.”

The wedding is set for May 2012. Kelly and Jordan continue to attend Mass together every Sunday and go to regular confession, knowing the importance of keeping Christ at the center of their lives. “It’s so incredible what happens when you try to do God’s will, the doors he opens are unbelievable.”

One door led Kelly and Jordan to each other, and they have a whole lifetime to open others together.


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  1. Derrick-769010 September 27, 2011 Reply

    God has His own ways of connecting people together.I m Wishing Kelly and Jordan all God’s blessings.

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