10 Years Later: What 9/11 Means To Single Catholics


Ten years ago today, life began as an average Tuesday for millions of Americans. We can all recall vividly where we were when that day quickly transformed from just another September day to Sept. 11, 2011.

I was in a civics classroom when my teacher turned on the TV to reveal the harrowing scene. As I watched smoke billow out of the towers, I could not fully comprehend what that act of terrorism would mean for New York, for our country and for me.

This past May, I found myself standing at that very spot where thousands of Americans lost their lives within the World Trade Center. I took in the vast expanse of the memorial, still under construction, and allowed the news clips, photographs and video footage from that day pass through my mind. I recalled the stories of heroism and faith that emerged from the rubble in the days following the attacks.

While I felt far removed from the historic tragedy in 2001, 10 years later, I felt deeply connected. I never felt more proud to be an American.

In the midst of great tragedy, it’s human nature to turn to loved ones for a small piece of normalcy, comfort and strength. Surrounded by those we hold dear, the uncertainty of tomorrow appears less threatening and more manageable.

As singles, we do not have the built-in support and comfort that comes in the form of a spouse to stand by us during these periods of uncertainty. Being single is lonely, but in the midst of life-changing events, singlehood can be nearly debilitating.

As we honor those whose lives were lost on that fateful September day and give thanks for the selfless men and women who continue to serve our country, let us remember the One who has saved each of us. Jesus, our true comforter, stands beside us through the darkest of times, and He promises to wipe every tear from our eyes and erase all pain and suffering from our hearts.

A decade after 9/11, His promise still stands.

“Behold, I make all things new.”



  1. Elizabeth-1075962 August 11, 2014 Reply

    I still pray every single day for all the lost soles. All. We can not forget all the tragedy all over the world, the power of prayer will heal many problems. Sometimes, all the tragedy going on, overwhelms me to tears. I pray everyday for peace within families, those who serve all over the world in what ever field or service, that being military, doctors, nurses, people who serve as clergy, nuns, children in schools, teachers, and so on. So much death, anger, being jealous, stealing, more money, on & on. Would it not be be comforting to know all these horrible happenings all of a sudden stopped. For every person to start praying, going to the church of their choice, so far we are free most of us to do so. Start by thinking of the other person. Checking on your neighbor, pay more attention to your children, elderly. Not worry about who as what, start trusting and believe in our Lord Jesus Christ, and pray, pray, pray.

    Bottom line, love God, love yourself, as so you can serve others, take care of the elderly. I realize I’m in a fantasy here, expressing myself. I still keep praying for peace anyway. We all need God, we need prayer, personally I’m honored to be a Catholic. I’m at home with the Lord, I’m honored to receive the Holy Eucharist, where else can you go and receive the Body of Christ, seven days a week.

    ps: I’m still working on trust, however I trust more than I use to, see with prayer, all things are possible

    Tragedy will I guess always be, pray for the stranger you don’t know or pray for who you do know needs prayer, YOUR prayer may stop one person from tragedy

  2. Paul-696001 September 18, 2011 Reply

    I remember that day very vividly. I was on a peacekeeping deployment in East Timor when I was alerted to the first jet airliner hitting the towers. We went into full alert. Since then my life changed with a peacekeeping deployment to Bosnia 2 months after returning from East Timor and followed by going to Kuwait 4 months after returning from Bosnia.

    We were the ones that made it into Baghdad on the west side. Clearing a room of one building, we found a picture of the twin towers with a very small airplane attached to the picture by a string. It was used to pretend and swing the plane into the towers. I felt rage but kept my composure. We confiscated the picture. I don’t know what happened to it after that.

    Some of us are called to service to protect our freedoms. I have lost some friends who gave all for this country. For some of us, 9/11 changed us in numerous ways.

    Even when faced with danger, I felt protected by my guardian angel and the feeling that my dad was also with me. I do pray for the military men and women but also for the people in Afghanistan and Iraq. All of us need healing.

  3. Kathleen-409752 September 13, 2011 Reply

    I, too, remember that horrific day! I was just walking into work on Long Island, New York and my boss came up to me to tell me that a plane had hit the “World Trade Center”. Then everything went downhill from there…. I’m, also, a daughter of a father who had been in the FDNY and he loved it. I thank God he had passed two years prior because 9/11 would have killed him anyway (if not physically, then emotionally). I realized more than ever, that my father had been a “hero” too even if he wasn’t there that day but just for being in the NYFD. This past Sunday was a beautiful tribute to all the families, the NYPD and the NYFD, etc. I think the way New York has rebuilt is just unbelievable… As stated above, “Behold, I make all things new” and that’s exactly what is happening – thank you God! I have to say after watching the tributes this past Sunday at Ground Zero, that I’m really proud to be a “New Yorker” and I pray for all those who have suffered so much!

  4. Elizabeth-753085 September 12, 2011 Reply

    well said! God Bless!
    Never forget the power of prayer.

  5. Stacey-101742 September 12, 2011 Reply

    This caught my eye , because my son James decided to serve in the USAF because of this catastrophe . James served in Iraq too and did engage in enemy fire . I worried for his life everyday and prayed and fasted and said so many rosaries for him . He came home after serving and was home only 4 weeks and was involved in a roll over that took his life while still on active duty , then I said a million rosaries at his bed side , and I still say rosaries and many prayers for my loss and for all those who suffer from missing someone dear to them . No wonder our world is changing , so many wonderful people are leaving us to go home , I don’t understand . But God must want me to continue to pray . God bless all those who suffer from this great loss.

  6. Jim-397948 September 11, 2011 Reply

    Ten Years of prayers

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