Adam & Diana Found Love Together In Kansas


Adam had a very firm opinion of the whole idea of online dating when he came to CatholicMatch.

“I thought it was for losers who couldn’t get a date on their own or people whose friends couldn’t set them up with anyone,” the 26-year-old from Wichita, Kan., said.

One of his female friends who handled the setup role took the bull by the horns, and literally starting typing up his CatholicMatch profile as he explained his reasons why joining any such site was really a bad idea.

To his credit, Adam didn’t ignore the profile as soon as his friend was gone. He didn’t jump headlong into the online dating world, but he stayed open. In the meantime he did what all single people should do—he continued making the most of his single life, which for him meant his passion for coaching baseball.

“Baseball was my first love,” Adam told CatholicMatch, in words that might have been uttered by James Earl Jones in Field Of Dreams. “I lived for the smell of pine tar, the taste of sunflower seeds and the conversation between ballplayers.”

By living his own life to the fullest, a new life eventually found Adam.

It was a few months later that he came across Diana’s profile. She was the same age and also from Kansas. He liked her smile and that one of her interests was going to her siblings’ sporting events. He kept reading and looking at more pictures, but was too nervous to send her a message.

Finally he worked up the nerve and was surprised at the reply—not what she wrote, but that there even was a reply. After that there was even a chat.

“I found out that she is as funny and easy to talk to as she is gorgeous. I had hit the lottery and I was thrilled!”

Their first date was at a Starbucks and the nervousness was mutual.

“I know she was because after she finished her drink she slowly tore up her cup into a million pieces,” he said. But nervousness gave way to comfort which gave way to laughter and smiles. They stayed at Starbucks for four hours.

With a two-week trip out of town ahead of him, Adam felt like the days crawled by before he could be with Diana again. After another fun date, they agreed to enter into a relationship with each other and gave that commitment its ultimate modern-day validation—changing statuses on Facebook.

“It didn’t take me long to realize I was completely head over heels in love with her,” Adam recalled. Last November he gave her an engagement ring and she accepted. He’s thrilled, not just for Diana, but for her entire extended family. As an only child, her siblings are a new and welcome experience for him.

Just two years ago, Adam was praying for the right person to enter his life. He got that and a lot more thanks to the persistence of a friend, who knew what was best and pushed him towards it, and to himself for not standing in the way once God’s grace starting to coming down the path.  Now an exciting new life is ahead for him and Diana.

“For all the dates, movies, ball games, family events, “Pitch” parties, road trips, kisses, laughs, new friends and everything that is to come in our marriage I am so thankful,” he said. Diana wrote her own words to him in a framed photo of the two—“I love with you my whole heart, whole soul and everything in me.”



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