CatholicMatch Couple Retreats To Log Cabin In Mountains


The Craigslist ad was posted on May 6 at 4:14 p.m. Mountain time.

“Enjoy your Colorado log cabin secluded among four wooded acres,” it began.

Kevin and Tiffany Milani, who met on CatholicMatch and married two and half years ago, had been hoping to move closer to family in Colorado. They’d shuffled across the country for work and each other and yearned for Colorado’s serene beauty.

The Craigslist ad enchanted them, describing a 1928 cabin with “hand-hewn logs and [a] native-stone foundation,” patios, a “writer’s cabin,” and a sophisticated tree house built into a pine tree – “kids can play on it, and adults can use it for a retreat.”

“Deer and elk are often on the property,” the ad continued, “and can be watched as they graze below the balcony.”

Kevin responded with alacrity, only to learn he was one of 27 people interested in renting the log cabin. “One man even offered six months’ rent up front,” Kevin wrote in a May 31 email to friends and relatives. “It was such an amazing blessing from God that the owner chose us over all of the other interested parties.”

The next day, he and Tiffany began moving in, joined shortly later by a 7-week standard poodle they named Winston. “It will be helpful to have a dog to let us know when there is wildlife on the property, especially mountain lions or bears,” said Kevin, who has a background in youth ministry and now runs his own Internet marketing company.

Kevin and Tiffany had roommates when they were first married, so this is an exciting fresh start for them.

“I’m hoping this can be the beginning of our honeymoon period,” he said. “My wife can finally have a place of her own to call home and fix up the way she wants, and we are near family and near God and nature.”




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