Do You Have A Pet?


We’ve polled more than 4,400 CatholicMatch members – thanks to all who responded! – and 62 percent of you answered yes, you are pet owners. Here’s a sampling of your comments.

“I have the sweetest chocolate lab in the world…in my biased opinion.”  Mark-465901 

“I have the best chihuahua in the world, and at this moment he is laying on my arms between me and the keyboard.”  Ida-765909

“I have the cutest puppy in the planet her name is Sofia. She is a pomeranian chihuahua mix.”  Cesar-717266

“I have one dog, a German shepherd/malamute mix with beautiful ice-blue eyes. She is all love and truly a blessing from God!”  Russell-770159

“I have a yorkshire terrier poodle mix named Charlie Brown and a cat named Gizmo.”  Patricia-750993

“I have two yellow labs.”  –Thomas-329183

“I have two snooty French cats.”  Richard-143340

“In addition to two dogs and four cats, we also own six goldfish. Love pets!”  Jennifer-727664



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