Hurricane Of Love: Jason & Aurora Marry On Irene’s Eve


Aurora was vacationing in the Philippines, where her family is from, and she decided to post a profile on CatholicMatch.

“It was really important for me to find someone who will raise a Catholic family with me”, she said. “It was quite difficult for me to find someone since I had been very busy with my studies and work. Jason was already a part of the CatholicMatch community and looking for someone who wanted those same things.

The 31-year-old Jason saw Aurora’s profile, and was one of several who contacted her after she first put up a profile. What made his stand out is that he went beyond emotigrams and wrote what she termed “smart e-mails” They were both living in Connecticut at the time and after a few weeks of messaging, they decided to get together.

The first date was at a nearby Barnes & Noble and this day in July 2008 would usher in a three-year romance that would lead them to the altar.

“We enjoyed light conversation and shared our interests with one another,” Jason told CatholicMatch of the woman who was one year older than he. It was part of a slow-developing relationship that included nature walks and casually trying to getting know each other. Soon they upgraded to going to Mass and enjoying dinners out.

Jason made the move to take the relationship to another level. For sales professionals, there’s an approach called the “assumed close.” Just take out the paperwork, start filling it out and wait for the customer to stop you. Jason, rather than asking Aurora to be his girlfriend, simply began calling her that. She didn’t object and the “close” of this deal was secure.

Distance would be the couple’s next challenge, because Aurora had to go to Illinois for her fellowship in the medical field, while Jason stayed teaching in Connecticut. There were determined to make it work.

“That year was trying on our relationship,” he admitted. “We both yearned for the time that we would see each other next.”

Aurora agreed “It helped that we talked on the phone every morning, after work, and at night, she recalled. “We’d tell each other about our days and we didn’t forget to pray with each other.” They made it through this trial and in 2010 decided to move to Illinois to be with his girl.

The couple decided to travel to the Philippines to be with her family for Christmas 2010. Jason secured approval from Aurora’s father to ask for her daughter’s hand.

Back in Chicago this past Valentine’s Day he put his plan on motion. “Jason took me out to a nice restaurant for dinner, Aurora said. “Then he asked that we come by his apartment. There I found a trail of flowers, chocolates, songs, and clues that ultimately led me to my engagement ring.”

More change was ahead for the newly engaged couple. Aurora’s next fellowship took her to South Carolina, and the week of their planned wedding last month was one that saw the area hit with both an earthquake and Hurricane Irene.

“We were starting to wonder if God was sending us some kind of sign, Jason said. “However, we decided that these were just ways in which we could demonstrate our commitment to one another.

And they got some publicity out of it. “Upon exiting the church there was a cameraman from the Weather Channel”, Jason told CatholicMatch. “He wanted to capture a wedding on the eve of a hurricane! We may have lost some guests to the weather, but many got to see a clip of it as our wedding made national news!”

Jason & Aurora are now settling into married life together. He credits her with helping him become a more polished man. Of her new husband, Aurora says, “I used to pray to St. Joseph to help me meet somebody who will love me like he loved Mary and who will love my future children like he loved Jesus…then I found my Jason.”



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