Joe Mauer Debuts New Girlfriend, Ends 2011 Season


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Joe Mauer, 28, a lifelong Catholic from St. Paul, Minn., has been the Minnesota Twins’ star catcher and one of the MLB’s most eligible bachelors. His season just ended, due to a case of pneumonia, as did his much talked about single status. We asked Joe’s former classmate at Cretin-Derham Hall, Kevin-721912, a CatholicMatch member, to fill us in.


By Kevin-721912

Everyone wants to be like Joe. In high school he was known as one of the nicest guys around. He would often be the shy one in the audience. He would not be the one to necessarily start a conversation, but maybe the one to end it.

For a while Joe was single, but he recently started dating Maddie, who happens to be a girl from our class at Cretin. She attended our 10-year-reunion this summer.

I was pleased to have a couple of classes with Joe in high school – sophomore English and Minnesota history. In English class we would often do group work where Joe would not be necessarily the one to speak out. He would wait until someone else would speak first. The thing about Joe is that he does not necessarily like the attention.  

For baseball, given that he does not like the center of attention, he will seem to absorb it when everyone cheers for him at the plate.

Given his disciplined intellect, he always plays the game with a strong heart and will. His passion for the game of baseball plays in with his strong will to do what is right.

Joe is very mellow when he is up at the plate. He definitely shows patience, which would definitely play a role in relationships. Given that Joe is Catholic and now recently in a relationship, I think he was given that intellect to achieve the things that matter most to him.

Joe never talks back to the umpire or shows bad team spirit. He has also shown to be a great player as well by winning the MVP for the American league and a few batting titles in his career.

The thing that stands out for Joe is his great personality. I have known him throughout high school and he always had a smile on his face. He would say hi to you in the hallway or during lunch and he just was super nice. This plays a key role in developing a relationship.

Joe is someone who can be trusted and someone who you can look up to as a person. He is also true to his Catholic faith, which I think is very important in developing a strong relationship not only with others but with God. Joe is a prime example of this character and is greatly acknowledged by what he has done as a person.

The time was right when Joe starting dating Maddie. It took him a while to find that special someone. The lessons we can all learn from Mauer is that patience is key along with having a strong will and having a great attitude. It has been a pleasure to have known Joe throughout high school and as a baseball player for the Minnesota Twins.    

It’s too bad to hear he is out for the season with mild pneumonia. I hope he can really hit it off next year! He is probably one of the nicest guys you will ever meet, and I know he will bounce back.  




Googling Joe

Here’s an excerpt from the cover story on Joe Mauer that ran in the spring issue of Tobias, the magazine for single Catholics.

When ABC offered to make Joe Mauer the star of its hit reality show “The Bachelor,” it was an easy decision.


The 28-year-old Minnesota Twins’ star catcher is as well known for his modesty as his gold glove and league-leading batting average. He relishes the privacy of his log cabin and he’d rather mow the lawn or play cards than go clubbing or – heaven forbid – star in a widely-viewed dating show.

But you can’t blame ABC for asking. Joe Mauer is not only one of the MLB’s most talented players, he’s also one of its most eligible bachelors. And the ladies know this.

Type “Joe Mauer” into a Google search, and the search engine will suggest “joe mauer girlfriend,” “joe mauer stats,” “joe mauer contract,” “joe mauer bio” – in that order.

More than his stats or his salary, online searchers want to know his marital status.


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  1. David-202563 September 29, 2011 Reply

    To one of the good guys of not just baseball, but of all sports! Joe Mauer shows that superstars can be regular guys! Personally, it shows that there are athletes who are not “look at me” types who long for the spotlight every second! Best of luck for his future!

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