Mark & Georgina’s Romance Was Set To Music


Georgina didn’t come to CatholicMatch convinced that marriage was desirable for her. “I didn’t think I could talk to any one person for the rest of my life and stay interested.” But the 49-year old from California was convinced that having raised her son and seen him off to a college, it was time she did something for herself.

The process of getting involved with dating met with the same roadblocks other CatholicMatch members have run into. “There were no good candidates at church or work,” she recalled. Georgina was open to online dating sites and thought about eharmony. But her friends, knowing how involved she was at her parish suggested she try CatholicMatch and Georgina took their advice.

It was the system-generated matches that led her to Mark. “His profile caught my eye because it was intelligently written, funny and he was a jazz musician with two degrees in music,” Georgina told CatholicMatch. She was nervous about writing someone out of the blue, but she found the right vehicle to use—an article she’d read in the Los Angeles Times discussing music’s effect on the brain. Georgina asked Mark if he’d seen it and what his thoughts were.

Mark responded and it kicked off a series of e-mail that not only stirred the heart, but stimulated the mind. From music to science to religion to politics, they found they shared a common passion for intellectual pursuits and Georgina found herself rushing to the computer each night to see if a new message from Mark was there.

The chemistry was being developed online, but Georgina was having a hard time being subtle in getting a first date. “In at least three e-mails I put something like ‘Would love to hear you play sometime’ or ‘Would love to talk to you in person about this.’” She got no invitations, but the door did open a crack—Mark gave her his phone number and she was welcome to call anytime. Georgina decided to push that door open and made the call.

“He sounded surprised but pleased to hear from me”, she said. They got together at a Starbucks and talked for a couple hours. Then Mark looked at his watch and said he had a music gig to get to…that started five minutes earlier. But it worked out. He made Georgina an offer—“Why don’t you follow me to my gig and I’ll buy you dinner during my break.” She took him up on it and he spent the evening playing every song she wanted to hear.

Mark’s array of interests and communicative personality changed Georgina’s mind about the potential boredom from talking to just one person. After six months of dating they took a vacation together to Hawaii where he proposed, at the top of Waimea Canyon.

It’s appropriate that music played a big part of their wedding ceremony. Georgina’s church choir sang and Mark’s friends played jazz at the reception. “I told our pastor who married us ‘It’s a miracle’, Georgina said. “And he replied, ‘It’s God’s providence. So it is. Divine Providence in this case was set to music.



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    Great !! Best wishes to you both.

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    Beautiful story.God bless your couple.

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