Tiffany Accepted Kevin’s Impromptu Roadtrip Proposal


Editor’s note

This love story is a tale of perseverance and surprises. Kevin joined CatholicMatch in 2005 and didn’t meet his wife until 2008. It turns out the woman he quickly fell in love with had communicated with Kevin before: They had become CatholicMatch friends two years before!

So single Catholics, take note: Don’t rule out the ones right under your nose – and don’t give up on CatholicMatch! 


Tiffany found Kevin on when she was preparing to move to NYC and wanted to find someone who had knowledge of the city and could introduce her to the Catholic community there.

Kevin had lived and worked in NYC for 10 years, but was living in Steubenville, Ohio, at the time Tiffany contacted him. He also was working as the Director of Internet Marketing for and had been a member of CatholicMatch for two years before talking to Tiffany.

Kevin knew several young adult Catholics in NYC and also knew the Director of Young Adult ministries for the diocese at the time, so his advice to Tiffany was very helpful. 

Every couple of months Tiffany would write and say hello and Kevin would respond. This went on for several years with neither of them really thinking much of it.

Kevin was focused on running a young adult ministry and developing an Internet Marketing company, while Tiffany was working in NYC as a montessori school teacher and international make-up artist.


The right timing

Finally, after many years there came a time when not only were they both single and interested in finding someone, but Kevin had already decided he wanted to go back to NYC on his birthday in November. He remembered that Tiffany was living in NYC and thought it might be a good idea to get to know her better. So they started talking on the phone and writing messages on on an almost daily basis. 

This led to many great discoveries and the sense that God was orchestrating something beautiful in their lives. As the day of the trip to NYC neared the excitement increased.

Kevin arranged to meet Tiffany at The Top of the Rock in Rockefeller Center. He felt that it was not quite as cheesy or cliché as meeting at the Empire State Building, but admittedly pretty close.

He went up to the observation deck and waited for Tiffany to arrive.  When she came off the elevator their hearts skipped a beat as they smiled and hugged.

For Kevin it was love at first sight, and they both felt extremely comfortable in each other’s presence. 

It was just a few days before Thanksgiving so they decided he would stay a few extra days and visit his NYC clients and then they would both drive back to his house in Ohio for Thanksgiving.


A memorable Thanksgiving

During the drive to Ohio they were talking and it became very apparent that they were not only both in love but also had strong convictions that they had met the person they wanted to marry.  Indeed, Kevin felt so strongly about Tiffany and the friendship and relationship that had developed, that he proposed on the roadtrip (even though he had not been prepared to do so). 

They celebrated Thanksgiving together.

The day after Thanksgiving, Tiffany took a train back to NYC so she could return to her job.  It was really hard to say good bye after spending six wonderful days together.

They immediately talked to a priest and started Pre-Cana classes. 

When Tiffany was on her Christmas break she came back to Ohio on the train and Kevin met her at the train station platform with a bouquet of roses. They spent a few days in Ohio and then he flew out to Colorado to meet Tiffany’s family and ask her dad for his blessing on their upcoming marriage.

Tiffany eventually quit her job and relocated to Ohio. They completed their Pre-Cana classes and had a beautiful wedding. 

This summer they were able to sell the house in Ohio and move back to Colorado to be closer to family.

It is now two and a half years later and Kevin and Tiffany are happily settled into a log cabin in the mountains of Colorado with their standard poodle puppy Winston.


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