Two Dozen Roses & Wine Worked For Jim & Nancy


“If I had two dozen roses and an old bottle of wine
If I really could’ve hung the moon would it change your mind?”

Jim, a 75-year old man from Fairfield, CA didn’t need to worry about hanging the moon, a la George Bailey in It’s A Wonderful Life. Just the two dozen roses and some wine were enough to get him started on a romance with 70-year old Nancy from Novato, CA.

After three dates, Jim and Nancy were hitting it off well, having enjoyed lunch together at Applebees, another lunch at the Mexican restaurant Mi Pueblo and a quiet evening at her home. It was on the first date that Jim came with two dozen rose roses. After the third date, he received an invite to Nancy’s 70th birthday party.

It was at the party that Jim was able to meet his new beau’s family, and gained all their approval. Here at the party he came up with another two dozen roses, shared some wine and capped it off with a gift necklace of double hearts. The already-burgeoning romance was on its way.

The couple shares common interests, enjoying gardening and photography together. Since that birthday party in February, Nancy has met Jim’s family and gained their approval and they’ve also met the friends at each other’s respective social outlets.

Nancy freely admits that she and Jim are “like teenagers some of the time…We have a deep love for one another.” They are taking their new love one day at a time, and as Nancy endearingly put it, are “happy as two bugs in a rug.”

The success story of Jim and Nancy illustrates that one need not be part of the “social media generation” to have success in online dating. One only needs a computer, Internet access and a little bit of spunk to put yourself out there. Jim and Nancy have plenty of that. The roses and wine make for a good story, but it’s their commitment to making it work on a daily basis that makes it a success story.


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  1. Michelle-527874 October 4, 2011 Reply

    WOW this post -story is wonderful!I am a romantic gal at heart.IT-the story gives me Hope

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