Chris & Kristen Shared Common Friends & A Common Faith


Chris & Kristen had a common social network but needed online dating to connect.

Chris and Kristin shared a common social network of friends, but had never met. He lived in the Green Bay area, while she was near the Twin Cities, so the five-hour drive gap meant they never connected. CatholicMatch changed all that.

The two 30-year olds were in search someone who shared their Catholic values and found a way to connect. After finding out about their shared friendships, things moved quicker, as Kristin was able to do her “background check” a lot quicker and with people she trusted.

Even though the distance presented a challenge, Chris believed their shared moral beliefs made it easier and they dated for about 18 months. The Midwestern couple had a dramatic moment for their engagement. “I asked her to marry me in a helicopter above Las Vegas,” Chris recalled. “She said yes!”

Ten months later they were married. Chris and Kristin are another example of a couple who had a strong social network that could enable them to meet people, but needed a little bit of a nudge from the online world to pull it off.


Anne & Daniel didn’t share common friendships, but living in the Washington D.C. area, both were still examples of people who used online dating to stay local. It was last Christmas they first connected with messages back and forth and had their first date shortly before the New Year. No wedding date has been set yet, but “we’ve met each others’ families several times and are looking forward to being together for a long time,” 37-year old Anne told CatholicMatch.

There are numerous examples of success stories of people reaching far outside their comfort zones to find their spouse and that is often an essential element in the dating process. But Chris & Kristin, along with Anne & Daniel demonstrate that even sticking with time-honored beliefs such as dating within your social circle and/or within your hometown are enhanced through the opportunities offered online.



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