A Field Guide For Single Catholic Men


Pheasants are afoot. Ducks are in their migratory swing south. Deer hunting season opens soon.

For many men that means hunting with family or friends. And hunting involves a great deal of patient waiting. Waiting for the sun to rise. Waiting in duck blinds. Waiting on deer stands. Waiting for the sounds of prey. And waiting to catch the first glimpse of that flock or that trophy buck.

Now, by beginning with talk of hunting, I run the very real risk of being accused of comparing hunting to searching for a spouse. Rest assured that that is not my intention.

At all.

The analogy I’d like to make isn’t so much with hunting as it is with the idea of the unseen and seen.

When we pack our guns, our equipment, our clothing, and our food for a hunting trip, we don’t know whether we’ll actually see any game. We hope that we will, but there are no guarantees.

Three days of waiting in the woods could very well result in the sighting of no deer. We may go home empty-handed. That’s the risk we take.

Yet we have faith. We know that this is the season. We’re reasonably confident in the selection of our site. We hold out hope that the unseen game will be seen. If it is, the rest is up to us. We sight the animal in and take the shot.


An unseen wife

The idea of things unseen and seen can be of help to the single man who has not yet met his life partner. She exists, but she has not yet been seen. She has not been met yet. Or perhaps she has and things just aren’t clear enough. (Editor’s note: That was the case for Kevin.)

There are many things in life that are not, at first, apparent through sight. Dust. An atom. A spider web.

Dust is all around us. Countless particles drift endlessly, swirling around us, in our homes and offices and hunting shacks. Yet, unless it builds up through a lack of cleaning or we happen to catch it dancing in a beam of sunlight, we probably don’t give it a lot of thought.

Atoms too are all around us. Everything we interact with is made up of atoms. Yet without the aid of an electron microscope, they remain unseen.

Spider webs also often exist unseen, until we walk into them or through them and then their presence becomes all too real.

So there are many things in our daily lives which are not easily seen.


Waiting & dating

For the single man, waiting and dating can get tiresome.

When will I meet the one?” we ask ourselves.

I’d like to give you some encouragement. Hope is one of the three theological virtues. Yet we only hope for things we cannot or have not yet seen.

The next time you’re tempted toward frustration, think about dust, or atoms, a spider’s web, that elusive deer, and know with confidence that your life partner exists. Rest assured that you just haven’t seen her yet.

In God’s time.

May the waiting give you an appreciation for something else that none of us have seen, but that we have confidence exists: our final destination that we long for, Heaven.

In God’s time.

So, too, does the one who complements you exist. We have hope that you will one day see her and we pray that when that happens, you will have the Holy Spirit’s guidance to recognize she is the one you were meant to be with.



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    Great post!

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    well I put in my search request,what Im interested in,posted pictures and emailed,sent smiles nothing where are the girls in conneticut???? Im not getting anything from this site except SAD

  3. Ell-696293 October 31, 2011 Reply

    thanks! was blessed by this =)

  4. Stephen-725391 October 31, 2011 Reply

    I can relate!

    • Sandra-907634 October 13, 2012 Reply

      Am sandra by name

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