Don’t Turn Around: 5 Dating Lessons From Scary Movies


I often read the blogs from other online dating sites to see what daters on secular sites are talking about, and I recently came across this entertaining yet practical set of dating lessons pertaining to an upcoming holiday – Halloween.

“Dating can be scary, so what better place to seek dating advice than horror films?” this blog states in the intro paragraph. Here is a summary of these dating lessons gleaned from the scary movies you may be watching (or if you’re like me, hiding behind a pillow and trying not to watch) on Oct. 31.

1. Know where you’re going
Keep your car in good working order, top up on gas before you pick up your date, and don’t be afraid to ask for directions if you get lost. Also, if date night falls on the anniversary of a really horrible event, maybe head out of town for the evening.

2. Dress for comfort
Dress stylishly but comfortably. You’ll be more of your charming self when you’re not sucking in your stomach or suffering through blisters. Besides, if horror movies have taught us anything, it’s that you need to be ready to run for your life at any time.

3. Sometimes, judge that book by its cover
Trust your instincts. If the guy/girl gives you the creeps — and/or has razor blades for fingernails — don’t spend time alone with him/her. Scary movies often kill off the handsome dumb jocks and the cocky know-it-alls for good reason — they’re exasperating.

4. Two is better than one
Partners fare better in horror movies that single folks. The buddy system will help you escape zombies and make for greater life adventures. As intimidating as dating might be, it’s worth it.

5. Watch out for dysfunctional patterns
Horror movies have taught us that some behaviors should raise red flags: unhealthy obsession (“King Kong,” “Halloween”), consumerism coupled with immorality (“Dawn of the Dead”), abuse of vulnerability (“A Nightmare on Elm Street”) and a bona fide mismatch (“Bride of Frankenstein”). Just because one of you wants it to work doesn’t mean that it’s destiny.

Don’t forget, these tips don’t include the recommendation to keep it classy when it comes to your Halloween costumes this year. Here is an excerpt from my post around last year’s Halloween celebration:

“You don’t need to wear a floor length skirt and turtleneck this Halloween in order to have a reputable costume. You can still have fun, be creative and show your flair for style by adding leggings to a store-bought costume or adding an extra layer over your top. These small modifications show that you respect yourself and your body. It shows that you deserve a little r-e-s-p-e-c-t from those around you, especially on a day when so many let this notion fall to the wayside.”

CatholicMatchers, how do you plan to celebrate Halloween? Will you be donning a creative costume at a large get-together or just staying in and carving pumpkins with friends?



  1. Elsa-785559 November 3, 2011 Reply

    #2 Made me laugh so much and it’s so very true.

  2. Kimberly-783573 October 31, 2011 Reply

    Luv it!! ALL sooooooo true!

  3. Cristina-625948 October 28, 2011 Reply

    Haha this is funny and a little true. Is anyone stuck not knowing what they want to do for this weekend?….. Heck,anyone here that still trick-or-treats?

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