Mark’s Crazy Chat Request Brought Margaret To America


“I thought he was absolutely crazy sending a smile to someone on the other side of the world,” Margaret recalled, as she reflected on the beginning of her relationship with Mark. “But he did seem really nice, so I decided that even though I couldn’t imagine anything permanent coming from this, it would still be pretty cool to even chat with him.” Margaret’s casual decision to chat proved to have life-changing consequences.

The chat request from the 56-year-old Iowan came as Margaret, a 42-year-old from Australia was getting ready to cancel her CatholicMatch membership. Mark wasn’t at that point, but he was similarly discouraged with his romantic prospects online. Neither saw a match, either on CatholicMatch, or other dating sites, as a realistic possibility.

After they made their online connection, Mark and Margaret were soon e-mailing and skyping on a daily basis. “Neither of us were getting much sleep, but we got to know each other so well,” Margaret told CatholicMatch.

By “coincidence”, Margaret received her passport one day in the middle of a Skype session, about four weeks into their online relationship. The couple decided then it was time for her to come to the United States and see if the feelings they were developing for each other were real.

They both went into this excursion that would start in New York move on to Chicago and end at Mark’s home in Iowa with open eyes—they might find that they weren’t in love. But the worst that could happen was they would spend a holiday weekend with a friend in a fun city with someone they respected and liked. With that kind of healthy perspective as a foundation, they were ready to meet.

Mark and Margaret had a wonderful time seeing pieces of America together—the Empire State Building, a Broadway Play, Yankee Stadium, and in the Midwest they rode along the Mississippi River on a Harley.

For all the exciting places they saw together though, the most important sight came at the end—that was when Margaret met Mark’s family and see if she would be able to fit into his world. “(It) was obvious the second I got there that there would be nothing more perfect,” she said enthusiastically.

Mark is planning a return trip to Australia for Christmas and working on getting his annulment finalized so the engagement can move forward. “We have all the faith in the world that things will go smoothly,” Margaret said gratefully. “We have a strong devotion to Our Lady and St. Jude…we are both deeply in love with each other, very excited and optimistic about our futures again and eternally thankful for all our blessings.”



  1. Sue-906387 January 2, 2013 Reply

    Wow, Australia and America. Indeed with God All things are Possible! Congrats in advance!

  2. Anne-702606 September 22, 2012 Reply

    It is such a nice encouraging story to read. Margaret and Mark i wish you God’s blessings. All will well with you both. God’s timing is the best and there is nothing impossible with God. Phillipians 4:13 “I can do all things through CHRIST who strengthens me” There is no distance when it comes to honest and serious relationship. God bless you and watch over you.

  3. Tammy-492301 October 24, 2011 Reply

    What a wonderful story! Blessings!!!

    • Margaret-705110 November 28, 2011 Reply

      Thank you all for your kind wishes. It was my decision to go to America to meet Mark. Mark had offered to come here however we wouldn’t have had as good an opportunity to get to know eachother as I have 4 children and we would have had to work around them. This way, we both got to have an incredible holiday whether we decided to continue the relationship or not, and we got to make the most of our time together. I also was at a stage in my life where I really needed the adventure of this trip, after raising my children on my own for over ten years, I needed some excitement. Mark is now coming out to Australia for Christmas and New Years and our relationship is continuing to grow more perfect by the day. We feel very blessed and thank God constantly.

      • Margaret-705110 November 28, 2011 Reply

        I just wanted to also say Laurianne’s story had touched me right before I met Mark. I was so happy for her and wanted to have a wonderful relationship like she’d found. I got extremely depressed and really had given up as I’d tried a few dating sites and for many years. Now that I’ve met Mark and found that he’s the answer to every pray I’ve ever prayed regarding the kind of man I wanted for me and my children… it shows that even though we think God’s ignoring our prayers, he actually is working on them for however long it takes until the time is truly right. Mark is over 50 and i’m in my 40’s and we see that this really is the right time in our lives for this to happen. Have faith and keep praying…. it will happen if you keep God first in your life and you have patience to wait for God’s timing. 🙂

        • Margaret-705110 November 28, 2011 Reply

          Sorry, last one 🙂
          I just wanted to add for Iveth and Linda – that Mark is the most incredible gentleman ever. I insisted on paying for my trip over to the States as it was my holiday, and being unsure of the outcome, I didn’t feel it was his duty to pay for that. However, once i got there, Mark paid for everything we did, everything we ate, everywhere we stayed and was a perfect gentleman in every way. We were both being considerate of the other all the way and we have a great respect for eachother as well as being very much in love. Thanks for your concern 🙂

  4. Elizabeth-753085 October 17, 2011 Reply

    I wish the best for both of you! Thanks for showing all things are possible!! What a wonderful story. I pray to have a blessed one too!! God Bless you both~

  5. Laurianne-160619 October 17, 2011 Reply

    Love knows no boundaries. Congratulations to the both of you!!!!!!!!

  6. Lidia-605480 October 17, 2011 Reply

    I wish you good Luck and if is a God decisions you will be togther. Pray God everyday for your relationship.

  7. Linda-666928 October 16, 2011 Reply



    • Iveth-708220 November 1, 2011 Reply

      Un caballero va por su dama hasta el fin del mundo 🙂 agree Linda 666928

      anyway Good Luck guys!!!

  8. Stephen-725391 October 16, 2011 Reply

    I wish you both the best.

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