Second Chances At Love: Two Couples Start Anew


Perhaps the greatest of God’s gifts to man is new beginnings and second chances. Catholic Match has been a place where many people have found those chances and our two success stories today are the latest examples. Four people, whose first marriages didn’t work out, found a fresh chance at lifelong love here on CatholicMatch.

Rich is 49 years old from New Jersey, and has one son from his previous marriage. It only took two months on CatholicMatch for him to meet Kathy, also a resident of the Garden State. Their relationship is in the early stages, but all signs are that this is one that can last.

“We feel we have known each other much longer,” Rich told CatholicMatch. “I have met her children and she has met my son.” They not only share common values, but common interests and the foundation is in place.

Down in Georgia, 46-year-old Ruth met 44-year-old Kurt and though they lived on opposite sides of the state, they made the relationship work. In their case, they spent over four months messaging and talking on the phone before getting together in person.

Military commitments for Kurt made the relationship hard to sustain, including a deployment, but they persevered, and this past February they became engaged. In November they will marry, another example a couple finding a fresh start with each other.

Rich and Kathy along with Kurt and Ruth all give CatholicMatch the high compliment of saying they would (and do) recommend the site to friends. CatholicMatch is thankful to them and all others who courageously start new lives, because it’s people like this who make an online community possible.



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  1. Jim-397948 October 11, 2011 Reply

    Those Jersey Girls are great!!!!……People do make mistakes….I remember a girl name Sue from South Plainfield…We went our seperate ways…I pray to God that she is protected and happy and God is watching over her!!!!

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