Teresa’s Struggles Were Transformed Through Dan


Dan and Teresa were still in college in California, but they had already learned some tough life lessons about relationships.

“We both have had our fair share of awful failed relationships,” Teresa told CatholicMatch. “We were both drawn to CatholicMatch because it’s a place where you’re guaranteed some sort of moral code about how you treat fellow human beings.”

They were looking for security and found in it each other. Teresa was struggling living in southern California. She was originally from the northern part of the state and school wasn’t working out for the 20-year-old, nor did she have any friends or family. But 22-year-old Dan was also going to school in SoCal and she came to believe that meeting him through CatholicMatch was all part of God’s plan.

Their relationship has going for four months now, although Teresa said that it feels like it’s been going forever—“in a good way,” she chuckled. Even though they’re both in SoCal they still have to travel to meet each other, and Teresa’s found certain things that she would recommend for other couples dealing with the same obstacle.

“Make sure you do normal things when you’re together,” she advised. She and Dan do the basics—the take care of their laundry, do the grocery shopping and watch some TV. Teresa sees this as important in reducing the pressure and expectations that come with each visit.

A goal for when the relationship stops being long distance is also important for Teresa. It’s difficult for any human being to live in a state of limbo or constant travel, and she and Dan have a timeline in mind. “I plan on living in Covina until Daniel gets his masters and then we intend to move north so I can attend the university in my hometown.”

College may not have worked out for Teresa, at least not in SoCal, but God indeed had a plan for her and she had the fortitude of spirit to look at the opportunities presented rather than what didn’t work. “We have faults and troubles like any other,” she said of the relationship. “But we always get through things…We lean on each other all the time.”

There’s much still to be settled in Teresa and Dan’s future, but they’re off to a good start. “He recently told his mother that he wanted to marry me,” Teresa said. “And she (Dan’s mother) said matter-of-factly that she knew that.”


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