The Politics Of Taxing: Single Catholics, Are You In The 53%?


The Daily Kos website is reporting its biggest viral story: Max Udargo’s response to a former Marine who declared his membership in the 53 percent of Americans reported to pay federal income tax.

In criticizing Occupy Wall Street, the former Marine, pictured at left, wrote: “I don’t blame Wall Street. Suck it up you whiners.”

The Daily Kos published Max Udargo’s response, “Open Letter To That 53% Guy,” in which he wrote:

I’m a liberal, so I probably dream bigger than you.  For instance, I want everybody to have healthcare.  I want lazy people to have healthcare.  I want stupid people to have healthcare.  I want drug addicts to have healthcare.  I want bums who refuse to work even when given the opportunity to have healthcare.  I’m willing to pay for that with my taxes, because I want to live in a society where it doesn’t matter how much of a loser you are, if you need medical care you can get it.  And not just by crowding up an emergency room that should be dedicated exclusively to helping people in emergencies.

Udargo’s open letter has generated record traffic on Daily Kos, propelling it to 2 million visitors

As protests against Wall Street press on, where do you stand, single Catholics? Do you agree with Max Udargo or the former Marine who identifies himself in the 53%? How does your faith inform your view? How does being single affect your stance on taxes?



  1. Vhie-763540 October 18, 2011 Reply

    I was in Seattle last Sunday, and I witness the same sentiment of the 99%. Yes, I’m one of the 53%, but I am not complaining of paying my dues. With this economic tough times, as Christian, my heart goes for those with unresolve issues. Somehow, this country needs a clear socio-political policies to come out of a win-win situation. What we all need is a collective effort of uniting our different ideas, principles and take conscientious time to mend our domestic demands, and balance it off to maintain our superiority amongst other nation. We are in our tough times now, bickering,whining, pointing fingers, smart talk isn’t going to lead us into recovery.

  2. Theresa-414178 October 18, 2011 Reply

    The Bible gives us ample proof that Jesus is a liberal. I am sure He is walking alongside the protesters. Greed, materialism, conspicuous consumption, and corporate unscrupulous acts got us in the economic mess we are in. The government allowed it by removing regulations and turning a blind eye. Yet today CEOs and corporations are experiencing unprecedented profits and bonuses, even after taking the bailout money. They need to pay it back and accept responsiblity — because it is the right thing to do. I am baffled why every working (and non working) person out there doesn’t see this.

    Fr. ODonnell’s homily this Sunday related the Gospel reading to today’s economic and political situation. Jesus said if we participate by consuming the infrastructure of the country we live in, we should be paying into it according to its laws. I agree.

  3. Michael-422117 October 17, 2011 Reply

    “Greed” is one of the Seven Deadly Sins.

    “Envy” is one as well.

    If you want to see what an effective, Christ-centered “street movement” looks like, check out your nearest “40 Days For Life” campaign. As Catholics, our weapons in the struggle for social justice are not class-warfare rhetoric and the demonization of political opponents, but prayer, fasting, and a visible witness to Christ’s kindness and love.

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