Annette Loved Dylan Exactly As He Was


Perhaps nothing is scarier when it comes to dating than hoping you can find someone who will embrace your quirks. Dylan, a 24-year-old from Colorado bluntly termed his quirks his “geeky side” and believed someone who both understood it and embraced it would be hard to find.

Then he converted to the Catholic Church and figured that, at least as far as dating went, his situation had gone from bad to worse.

Dylan decided to give CatholicMatch a try, “just on the hope that eventually, I would find just the right person,” he said, keeping his expectations tempered without giving in to pessimism.

That attitude proved to be the right balance, because while it didn’t happen immediately—he was nearing about three months line, when he made contact with Annette, it wouldn’t have happened at all, had he given up too quickly.

“I was beginning to feel a bit doubtful,” he candidly admitted. “But I held in there, knowing God had a person for me somewhere out there.” In time, the 22-year-old from the same area of Colorado as he, did indeed show up in his life.

“She is not only 100 percent of what I was looking for, but our families even get along great,” he said enthusiastically.

CatholicMatch shares Dylan’s hope that indeed the relationship will continue to flourish. Whatever the future holds, what’s more important is that Dylan—and perhaps all else who have felt as he did—know that what we might see as quirks or a geeky side, might be the very traits that someone else will fall in love with. And that lesson lasts a lifetime.

“I couldn’t be happier with the woman of my dreams,” he said gratefully. Dylan gave credit to CatholicMatch for making the dream happen, but in reality he and Annette made it happen, by putting themselves out there and being open to the opportunities that presented themselves.


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