When Reading A Profile, What Do Check First?


There’s a lot to consider when filling out a CatholicMatch profile. Here are the pieces of your profile that tend to influence a first impression, according to fellow members.

  • “No. 1, I read a profile and I like it. No. 2, I usually scroll to the number of siblings in the family. No. 3, I jump to see where they have lived and traveled.”  Rebeca
  • “When reading someone’s page, the first portion that I first venture to is the ‘summary’ or description, which this person has written in their own words. This is the most important element of someone’s profile because it allows me, and anyone who ventures by, a bit of a deeper glimpse into the individual behind the photograph.” Dominick
  • “I first read their comments about themselves – their likes, their hobbies, and what matters to them. I know this is a Catholic website, but if they don’t make a comment about their faith in that top portion, I don’t usually read on because in my head if they didn’t mention it it must not be that high on their list. Sorry, guys, I might be way wrong on that, but that is how I decide. Then I look to see if they did the ‘What I’m Seeking’ portion. I want to see if I even remotely resemble what they hope for. If those two things seemed pretty good then I start looking at whether they are willing to travel or have a long-distance relationship. If that is a possibility then I am usually trying to find something witty to comment on.”  Loretta
  • “I usually just look at the quick view, age, status, and how many out of 7 they answered, then I look to see where they live and what they do for a living.”  Mary
  • “The first thing I look at is the photo. I am drawn to a woman who smiles, not so much to a woman who doesn’t. To me, smiling tells me a few things: confident, comfortable, relaxed, happy.”  Patrick
  • “I like to see what they like to read, who their favorite saints are, and their favorite music/musicians/song. Then I look at height. I have to. I’m 5’8″. I’ve dated men who are shorter than I am, and it’s not a problem for me, but I kinda want to spend the rest of my life with someone whose shoulder I can lean against – literally as well as figuratively.”  Damaris
  • “I would say it’s pretty simple. Did you take the time to create it and flesh it out or did you just throw it up there. I look for depth. Do we have similar interests? What is your relationship like with your family? Does anything about your profile interest me?” Mark
  • “After approving of their profile, I like to look at their family stats, if they talk to their family much, how many siblings they have. I’m an only child, so while I don’t care if the guy is an only child, I have always wanted to know what it would be like to have siblings. Then I check on how often they attend church, though it’s not a deal breaker. I know I can’t always make it to Mass every week due to my job, but that doesn’t mean I don’t want to and/or try to go when I can. Favorite hymns usually goes along with that, as I’ve been cantoring at my church since I was 10. I then check where they’ve lived and/or traveled. My list of places I’ve lived is ridiculously long, so I’m naturally curious.” Danielle

How about you? What’s your pattern in reading a CatholicMatch profile?



  1. Elizabeth-1075962 June 26, 2014 Reply

    What I wrote in my profile was all me, I really am honest in meeting a very religious guy, who does have the Lord Jesus in his rise of the morning, and the end of the day, with prayer. I’m beginning to feel he is not out there. We get started with messages, I tend to express myself and they begin to back off. Are men serious about being on CM? Are they just trying to pass time on CM. I’m very confused. I try to draw them in to what they like to eat, what they expect, what turns them off and turns them on. I’m not talking about how active they are, are they willing to make a change in their life, to have a spouse they truly adore and want that person in their life means each of us. A kind gentle man, with her being kind and gentle and forgiving. We, me, I’m pushing almost 70, I truly want to be in love again, I have a lot to give. I’ve prayed to our Lord for his will and all his graces he offers to set me, or send me, help me, open my heart to his will. It’s been over 21 years for me to want this love again. My big, big question, am I to late? Am I just breathing. Trust me I do many things for lots of people, I give of myself, I am still lonely. The Lord knows this about me. He knows everything. Help me. I’m willing to make the move and commitment. So, give me your view…………………

  2. Mariette-959211 April 4, 2013 Reply

    I always check for Liturgical Preference. I dearly love the Traditional Latin Mass and would surely want to share that love with my future spouse!

  3. Gary-936836 April 3, 2013 Reply

    Profile picture. Is she 7/7? NOT divorced, right? Temperament? How’s her grammar? Sense of humor? That is my usual order of operations.

  4. Bernadette-874299 December 19, 2012 Reply

    I look at the faith questions, and how many out of the 7 are marked. Then I look through pictures, how they feel about long-distance relationship and/or relocation should a relationship lead to that question. That’s just for starters. I also like to see some thought put into the writing part of the profile. You know, more than just the usual “I’m a laid back kind of person who enjoys the quiet side of life.” However, having “just the usual” doesn’t mean I won’t be interested. Having more just gives me more to be with which to be interested. 🙂

  5. Tessa-694373 August 13, 2012 Reply

    Unfortunately. I check if they are divorced because there are sooooooooo many profiles on here of divorce men so discouraging…this is a Catholic website….I might as well just be on match.com because it seems like most of the men on here really don’t care about God or faith…but has his plan…

  6. Benjamin-148488 November 26, 2011 Reply

    I check how “real” they come across and how willing they are to take chances in life. I do not do well with risk adverse women who want an emasculated man who is incapable of fighting for or building anything in life. If a man cannot fight or build, he cannot love and provide…and thus, cannot serve Christ.

    • Benjamin-148488 November 27, 2011 Reply

      When I say “cannot serve Christ”, I mean that man’s mission in this life is, through fulfilling the Father’s plan in serving Christ, to reflect Christ, to be an icon of Christ/image of Christ to those around him and, more important, to those whom God has given him authority over (ie his wife, then his children, this his community). This is not an easy calling and so often disrespected in today’s world, but a man’s mission is not defined by what the woman says his mission is. Woman is his helper and his heart (from his rib), but a man must still look to God first in all things. When he does, neither fear nor confusion will lead him astray. This is what man is made for. A good and wise woman helps him, encourages him further towards God’s call. This, in turn, blesses the woman, who will not lack in receiving love, loyalty, protection, and sacrifice from her husband. She will never lack in purpose or identity. Any good woman knows how this works, but fewer and fewer women are taught this now and fewer still are courageous enough to pursue excellence in the way God defines it. God bless those who do and those who are wanting to!

  7. Peter-765638 November 20, 2011 Reply

    I trust the age, faith questions and where the person wants to live. The remainder of the profile is subjective in my opinion. The profile can be honest or it can be an essay worthy of a good grade in a creative writing class.

  8. Lauren-684509 November 19, 2011 Reply

    It saddens me that “number of siblings” is high on the list of things so many people look to quickly. Now I can’t know all their reasons for doing so, but I know so many people who automatically equate number of children in a family to the family’s openness to life. As a teacher I tried to stress to my students that the two did not always equal each other! My parents would have loved more children, and while they love the two they have, I know that it was painful to not be able to have more. And I know that in this situation many people would propose adoption, but this was unfortunately not an option for my family. (Having one parent who is terminally ill does not really make people jump up to place children with you!).

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