Our Sunday Visitor: Church Ministries Neglect Single Parents


Our thanks to Our Sunday Visitor for acknowledging the failure of church ministry to adequately support Catholic single parents. 

Contributing editor Emily Stimpson conducted some great interviews for the piece, which appears in the Nov. 20 issue of Our Sunday Visitor. Among them:

  • “I’m the only single mom out of 62 kids in second grade,” said Walker, whose daughter attends a Chicago-area Catholic school. “I feel like I just don’t fit in, like I’m missing an appendage.”
  •  “My friends are wonderful, but it’s difficult to be the third or fifth wheel in a group or to be in conversation with a group of women who are all married and talking about their husbands. I can’t really participate in those conversations any more,” said Victoria Fallon, a widowed mother of seven who lives in Toronto, Ohio.

Stimpson went on to describe Walker’s daily challenges as a divorced mom.

Those struggles range from decision-making (“Decisions are much harder when you’re the only one with a vested interest in the outcome,” Walker told OSV) and dating (“How do you find the time, let alone the emotional energy for the ups and downs of a relationship, when you’re raising seven kids?” asked Fallon), to finances, loneliness, exhaustion and the questions and judgments of others. 

“Sometimes, I just want to shout, ‘But I was married for almost 14 years! I didn’t leave. I was the innocent spouse. And I’m the responsible one, the one taking care of the child 24/7 without help,’” Walker said.

Read the full article here.

And let’s not forget all the single dads, some of whom are pictured in our Father’s Day photo gallery.


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  1. Tara-703107 November 16, 2011 Reply

    I chose the church I did in Madison to take RCIA because it had a nursery. My father was a Lutheran pastor, and I grew up with the practice that the babies and kids under 3, roughly, go to the nursery during services or bible class. When I saw this opportunity after my conversion experience (reading about Medjugorje), I took it. Thank God, I could use the nursery for church and for RCIA classes. Not sure if I would have completed my conversion to the Faith without the help.

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