The Flush Of Young Love: Dan & Melissa


The flush of a young romance is alive and well on the eastern side of Pennsylvania, where 28-year-old Dan and 29-year-old Melissa have made a connection on CatholicMatch and are excited about what their newfound relationship might bring.

Melissa came to CatholicMatch “having made my fair share of mistakes”, as she candidly admitted. She believed getting back to her roots—her faith—and growing together with someone who would look beyond the past was the key to a new life.

Uncertainty loomed large over her decision to take a new step. She placed her trust in God and moved forward bravely in Faith. The willingness to take a leap into the unknown and trust that God is waiting there to catch you is essential in any big decision, and no more so than in a relationship. Melissa’s courage shows her faith was stronger than perhaps even she thought.

As she stepped out, Dan was waiting for her. He had a deep desire for a spiritually enriching relationship and connect to someone on a deeper level. “I had found a few people and talked to many others and while they seemed like faithful, loving and caring people, it just didn’t click.” He made that connection with Melissa.

Melissa found in Dan the man who would look past her previous mistakes.

It isn’t just a sharing of Faith that has created this chemistry. Dan and Melissa share many common interests. But the shared Faith dimension is what it’s taken to elevate that to a new level and help them find what they’re both looking for.

Dan and Melissa are working to move forward at a proper place, while not getting ahead of themselves, but it’s hard to contain the excitement. “With Dan, I know and trust this is God’s plan,” Melissa told CatholicMatch. “He understands me and accepts me for everything I am, faults and all.” Dan affirmed the same sentiments when he called his new girlfriend “the person God wanted me to find and now we can begin our journey together.”





  1. Mei-505686 November 25, 2011 Reply

    wow, glad to read good news about people who decides to begin their journey together with God is the center of all, happy for you both 🙂 very inspiring!! 😉

  2. Anne-786009 November 22, 2011 Reply

    Wow, I love your story. I feel that the 2 of you finally met each other. I am wishing you all the best for a future filled with love, and all that GOD has planned for the 2 of you. You seem like real nice people…and you deserve the best that life has to offer, the ups and the down, as it is a package. Courage, strength, and a step of what it takes… Anne

  3. Linda-666928 November 19, 2011 Reply


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