The Fourth Man Heather Met Proved To Be A Grand Slam


Heather had been on CatholicMatch for a couple months and was seeing some results. Dates with three different people had added to her social life, but the chemistry for a lasting relationship wasn’t there.

The fourth man to contact her was the one that changed all that.

It was October 2008 when Eugene reached out and found Heather. The couple realized they only lived ten miles apart in the Los Angeles area.

“We would constantly message each other online,” she recalled. “I would always look forward to hearing from him.” One month later they had their first date and everything took off from there.

The connection was fast, but Eugene & Heather put the time in to make sure it was right. They dated for three years and grew to realize just how in synch they were with their faith, family and general lifestyle. It was a connection that worked on every level, from the spiritual to daily life.

In October of 2010 they became engaged and then this past October Eugene and Heather got married. They live in the hills of Southern California and are excited to be building their lives together.


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  1. Cindy-681844 November 29, 2012 Reply

    I am happy for you. It has to be right.

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